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Valheim | Where To Get Feathers

by Morgan Shaver

Valheim has a number of resources that you’ll need to collect in order to craft useful tools. Among these resources are feathers, which can be used to craft things like Fire Arrows which are useful when taking on boss enemies.

If you’re struggling to gather enough feathers to make these useful arrows, we’ve got you covered with a quick overview on where you can get feathers in Valheim.

Valheim | Where To Get Feathers

In Valheim, feathers are a resource dropped by birds (specifically seagulls) and used to make items such as Fire Arrows and Flinthead Arrows. Both of these arrow types are extremely useful when it comes to taking on boss enemies.

To gather feathers, you’ll need to pay attention to where seagulls land as they will sometimes leave feathers behind on the ground after they fly away.

You can also find feathers when chopping down trees, although this is somewhat rare, and inside some of the random chests you can stumble across while you’re exploring. 

These things aside, the best way to get feathers is to shoot seagulls after they land, although this can be tricky as you’ll want to ensure you don’t startle them and cause them to fly away.

You can press Ctrl to crouch and creep forward a little bit if you’re too far away from the seagull to land a hit. The same crouch method can be used to avoid scaring away deer.

Note that you should shoot them using Wood Arrows as these don’t require feathers to craft. Using things like Flinthead Arrows could be wasteful if you miss, costing you feathers instead of gaining them.

We’ve primarily noticed seagulls near coastal areas, which makes sense, and near open grassy plains areas. Sometimes you can look up and see them flying overhead, or see their shadow pass by you, indicating they may land nearby. 

We haven’t spotted too many seagulls deep inside forest areas — usually that’s where we encounter deer and boar — but it’s worth keeping an eye out for seagulls wherever you go just in case you spot one.

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