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Valheim | How To Repair Weapons and Items

by Morgan Shaver

You’re able to craft and use a variety of items in Valheim including weapons and clothing. As you use these items, they’ll gradually wear down due to the game’s durability system.

Once an item has worn all the way down, you’ll need to repair it in order to use it again. To simplify this process, here’s what you need to do in order to repair weapons and items in Valheim! 

Valheim | How To Repair Weapons and Items

The process of repairing broken weapons and items in Valheim is relatively simple. First, you’ll need to craft a Workbench, then you’ll need to give your Workbench a roof in order to use it.

Once your Workbench is complete and usable, you can approach it and repair your broken items (as long as you have the necessary resources to do so).

To repair an item, select the “Upgrade” tab while using your Workbench and choose the item you’d like to repair. For example, you can “Upgrade” a Hammer that’s broken and in doing so, you’ll be able to use it again.

Repairing an item is cheaper when it comes to resources than crafting a brand new item. To craft a Hammer, you’ll need to spend 3 Wood and 2 Stone. To repair an existing Hammer, all you need to spend is 1 Wood and 1 Stone.

Of course, if you’re out in the wilderness and you don’t have a Workbench nearby and you absolutely need to craft something like a Stone Axe to continue harvesting Wood, you can do so and either hold on to your broken Stone Axe to repair it later, or dispose of it.

It’s really up to you. We recommend holding on to your broken items and taking them back to your Workbench to be repaired. A good tip is that you can store excess items inside Chests at your base area for future use. 

Keep in mind that just about everything is impacted by the game’s durability system including tools like a Hammer, weapons like a Club, and clothing like your starter Rag Tunic. Yes, your clothing has durability as well. 

If you want to continue using these items after they wear down, you’ll need to repair them at your Workbench otherwise you’re stuck crafting new ones over and over and over again which will cost you excess resources that could be better used for other things.

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