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Valheim | How To Cook Raw Meat

by Morgan Shaver

In Valheim, there are a variety of different food sources that you can eat and get benefits from. Some of the best food items to eat early on are things like Neck Tails and batches of Raw Meat that you get from deer.

Meat items can’t be eaten raw, so if you’re hungry and looking to make the most out of your meat, we’ve got a quick guide that’ll explain how to cook it and make it edible in Valheim.

Valheim | How To Cook Raw Meat

If you’re hungry and you have things like Neck Tails or Raw Meat in your inventory, you’ll need to cook these items before you can eat them in Valheim. Your first thought when it comes to cooking meat will be to craft yourself a Campfire. 

This is the first step, but you’ll need to do one additional step before you can cook your meat as it can’t be cooked on a Campfire by itself. To cook meat on your Campfire, you’ll need to craft a Cooking Station which costs 2 Wood. 

When you craft yourself a Cooking Station, you’ll need to place it over your Campfire. Make sure that wherever your Campfire is set up, it’s properly ventilated as you can die of smoke inhalation while waiting for your food to cook if you’re not careful.

Additionally, don’t turn your back on your meats while they’re cooking otherwise they could burn and turn into Coal. It takes approximately 25 to 30 seconds for meat to cook in Valheim. You’ll know your meat is done cooking when there’s a little flash in the fire, a hiss sound, and your pinkish meat looks brown. 

You can also spam the E button while waiting for your food to finish cooking. If you’re hungry but don’t have a Campfire and Cooking Station nearby, you can eat certain food items raw including Mushrooms and Raspberries. 

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