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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot – How to Get Silver Ore

Take only what you need.

by Matt Vatankhah

V Rising is all about staying ahead of the competition by crafting better weapons, stronger gear, and of course, building a bigger castle. Once you approach end-game, there’s a certain precious metal you’ll want to make sure you stock up on. Silver Ore in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot is a necessary component in making some of the strongest weapons in the game. If you’re looking for the best place to farm Silver Ore, continue reading our guide below.

Where to Farm Silver Ore in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

There’s really only one place in V Rising where you’ll find an abundance of Silver Ore, and that’s in the aptly named Silverlight Hills. More specifically, within the Sacred Silver Mine that’s located at the very northern edge of the region.

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The simplest way to reach the Sacred Silver Mine is from the pathway leading out from the western side of Dunley Farmlands. This road takes you straight through Silverlight Hills and, if you don’t make any turns, will lead you right to the entrance of the Sacred Silver Mine.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to grab the Waygate along the path. You’ll see the icon for it in the map above.

The Sacred Silver Mine is packed full of Militia soldiers and other miners, and even entering the cave will require you to battle through a large Militia encampment and Sir Magnus the Overseer. The enemies in this area range from level 60 to 66, so make sure you’re prepared.

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You’ll find plenty of Silver Ore nodes throughout the cave, but be aware that they can only be mined with Iron Weapons or above. The Iron Mace does wonders against all types of minerals, but if that’s not your style, you can check out our guide on all Iron Weapons here.

Tips for Mining Silver Ore

Carrying a lot of Silver Ore can be dangerous, as you will take continuous damage as long as it’s in your inventory. We are vampires, after all. This damage scales up based on the amount you’re carrying, so it’s a good idea to only carry a couple hundred pieces or so.

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However, you can decrease the amount of damage you take by consuming a Silver Resistance Brew. These potions can be crafted at an Alchemy Table with 20 Snow Flowers and 1 Filled Waterskin. The Silver Resistance Brew will increase your Silver Resistance rating by 15 for 1200 seconds.

Available Items to Craft with Silver Ore

On its own, Silver Ore is kind of worthless. You won’t be able to smelt it into any silver ingots. However, by combining 20 Silver Ore (15 with the floor discount) and 1 Scourgestone in your Furnace, you can craft Dark Silver Ingots.

Dark Silver Ingots are used to craft very powerful weapons and several important assets for your castle. Check out the list below of all items craftable with Dark Silver Ingots:

(Lvl 4) Castle Heart24 Dark Silver Ingot
12 Spectral Dust
1 Gold Ingot
Anvil (Crafting Station)1 Primal Blood Essence
32 Dark Silver Ingot
12 Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Sword16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Axes16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Mace16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Spear16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Reaper16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Slashers16 (12) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Crossbow20 (15) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Greatsword20 (15) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Dark Silver Pistols20 (15) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Reinforced Plank
Blood Key400 (300) Gem Dust
28 (21) Dark Silver Ingot
8 (6) Gold Ingot
4 (3) Primal Blood Essence
Golden Castle Key12 (9) Primal Blood Essence
24 (18) Gold Ingot
40 (30) Spectral Dust
80 (60) Dark Silver Ingot
80 (60) Reinforced Plank
Cost displayed as: Cost by Default (Cost with Floor Bonus)

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Now that you’re on your way to wielding Dark Silver weapons, you’re almost ready to explore the new land of Gloomrot. Wanna get more familiar with the new region introduced in Secrets of Gloomrot? Check our out full map for Gloomrot North and South here.

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