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How to Unlock Alternate Costumes in Devil May Cry 5

by Prima Games Staff

Devil May Cry 5’s main cast are undeniably stylish, but if you want to make them look even fancier, you’ll need to unlock the alternate costumes available for each character. A few of these are limited to pre-orders, but there are also several available in-game for those who picked up the base game. In this guide we’ll run you through all of the alternate costumes in Devil May Cry 5 and how to unlock them.

The full list of unlockable outfits in Devil May Cry 5 is as follows:

  • EX Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry)
  • EX Nero (Order of the Sword)
  • EX Lady (Trish)
  • EX Trish (Gloria)
  • Super Alternate Dante
  • Super Alternate Nero
  • Super Alternate V 

As you can see, unlockable outfits are split into two batches, EX, and Super Alternate. The first set, EX, will only be available to those who pre-ordered DMC5. If you did, you should have been sent a DLC code via email that will unlock the extra costumes. Once this is registered you’ll be able to swap between the default and EX costumes whenever you like. These are cool variants that don’t provide any extra powers in-game.

The second group of outfits are the Super Alternate versions of DMC5’s three playable protagonists. To unlock these you’ll need to beat the main game on Dante Must Die difficulty. Unfortunately you won’t have access to this difficulty mode from the start, as it’ll only appear when you beat the game on Devil Hunter or Son of Sparta difficulties. That means you’ll need to beat Devil May Cry 5 at least twice to unlock the Super Alternate outfits.

They may be hard work to earn, but the Super Alternate versions of Dante, Nero and V are well worth collecting as they unlock Infinite Devil Trigger for use. This allows you to use each character’s special ability without any charge time, which is an awful lot of fun. Do be aware though that using the Infinite Devil Breaker will reduce your rank by 80%, meaning you’ll lose out on a lot of Red Orbs and can’t cheat your way to that S rank.

The Super Alternate versions of each character aren’t easy to obtain, but hopefully, by reading this guide you’re one step closer to unlocking the alternate costumes in Devil May Cry 5. Looking for more hidden unlockables? Here’s how to get Devil May Cry 5’s secret ending.

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