Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Find All the Treasures

Did you grab the Nathan Drake Collection for free during Play at Home? Here's how to round up all 61 of its treasures.

The Uncharted series has gotten a bunch of new fans in the last few weeks, and hype over the Tom Holland movie is only part of it. The Nathan Drake Collection (and Journey) was offered as a free download for all PlayStation 4 owners from April 15th through May 5th, as part of a COVID-19 initiative by Sony called “Play at Home.” As a result, there’s a brand-new group of up-and-coming treasure hunters making their way through the first three Uncharted games. To help them out, here’s where to find all of the collectible treasures in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Find All the Treasures

There are a total of 61 collectible treasures in Drake’s Fortune. Each one glows slightly, but they’re mostly going to be easier to spot by virtue of the giant button prompt you get whenever Nate’s standing near one of them.

If you’re playing the PS3 version of Drake’s Fortune, there are a total of fourteen Trophies linked to treasure collection. You receive First Treasure for, well, the first treasure you find, and Beginner Fortune Hunter once you pick up a total of five. You’ll continue to earn a new Fortune Hunter Trophy for every five treasures you acquire, until you max out at Master Fortune Hunter at 60.

The remastered version of Drake’s Fortune that’s included in the Nathan Drake Collection streamlines its Trophy list. After First Treasure, you’ll receive a new Fortune Hunter Trophy with every 10 treasures, before earning Master Fortune Hunter at 60.

In both versions of Drake’s Fortune, the Strange Relic in Chapter 5 is treated like a treasure in-game, but picking it up doesn’t count towards the Fortune Hunter line of Trophies. (PlayStation 2 fans will recognize the Relic as a Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter, Naughty Dog’s previous series.) Instead, finding the Relic grants a unique bronze Trophy, Relic Finder. Players of Drake’s Fortune Remastered can also get a gold Trophy, Master Thief Collection, for finding all 60 treasures and the Relic.

Check the following table for the locations of every treasure in Drake’s Fortune. Stages that don’t have any treasures in them, like the first, have been omitted from this list. 




Chapter 2: The Search for El Dorado

Silver Mosaic Inca Earring

Right at the start, look on the left side of the river leading to the waterfall. The first treasure in the game is hidden behind a rock by the cliff.

Jeweled Silver Monkey

In the ruins, after you cross the fallen pillar, jump to the next ledge, then turn left and jump again to the platform behind the tree.

Decorated Gold Ring

Once you get underground, face the pit and carefully edge towards the left side of the cavern, between the wooden scaffolding and the wall.

Silver Llama

When you push the block to release more water into the old cistern, drop down into the pool and check the caverns at water level. The Llama is on the right side of the big rock, at a dead end.

Golden Inca Cup

After the cutscene where Nate and Sully find where the Golden Man used to be, take a right into the room and check the skeleton near the collapsed part of the ceiling.

Silver Turtle

After you leave the temple, climb on top of the big square pillars in the temple’s courtyard. The treasure’s on one of them.

Chapter 3: A Surprising Find

Gold Tairona Pendant

As you’re “monkeying across” the cliffs towards the U-boat, you can spot this treasure on a ledge to Nate’s right near the highest point of the route.

Gold and Turquoise Inca Earring

When you reach the top of the crashed U-boat, don’t go inside. Cross to its other side and you’ll find this treasure at the far end of the submarine.

Chapter 4: Plane-wrecked

Silver Inca Figurine

Right at the start of the level, at the base of a tree underneath the discarded parachute.

Silver Fish Charm

Shortly after the start of the stage, past the old gate, turn left at the waterfall and check the darkened corner behind the saplings.

Gold Frog

Climb the rocks next to the waterfall, then follow the river until you find some more rocks you can climb. When you reach the old mossy log, check the lower ledge by its closest end to find this Frog.

Intricate Gold Ring

After your first encounter with Eddy’s pirates, check the highest ledge in the arena before you leave.

Patterned Silver Ring

Once you deal with a third group of pirates, backtrack to the archway you entered through. If you’re standing in it and facing into the arena, look to the left and you should see the treasure atop a short wall.

Golden Jaguar

There’s a gentle slope on one side of the fourth combat arena in this stage which is lined with younger trees. Check along the treeline for this treasure.

Silver Inca Vessel

This one’s almost a consolation prize for blowing a jump. When you reach the unstable log, drop into the ravine beneath it and look for this treasure at the base of the cliff face.

Golden Toothpick

Look for this on the other side of the stone arch near where Sully’s plane crashed.

Silver Bird Vessel

As you’re moving across the cliffs, look for this under an unremarkable overhang by the edge of the cliff, overlooking the water.

Silver Inca Earring

Once you’re through the gauntlet of stake traps, loop around to reach the ledge that overlooks the area where you just were. You’ll find the Earring at its edge.

Chapter 5: The Fortress

Strange Relic*

After your first encounter with the pirates in this chapter, in the courtyard, use the ramp to reach the top of the fortress wall, then jump back to the roof of the central building.

Silver Jaguar

From the same wall you used to reach the Strange Relic, navigate over to one of the surviving watchtowers and check inside.

Gold Mosaic Inca Earring

When you reach the big iron gate that’s blocked by rubble, climb over the rocks and check the ground between them and the gate.

Golden Spoon

After your encounter with the machine-gunner in the fortress’s underground, duck into the room that the pirates are using as an ammo dump. This treasure is in the corner next to the short staircase, behind some ammo crates.

Chapter 6: Unlocking the Past

Silver Inca Mask

After the first fight in the chapter, climb to the top of the wall that surrounds the courtyard and look behind the big white tree. 

Spanish Silver Coin

Once you’ve used the crossed keys, clear the pirates out from the courtyard. The treasure is on a ledge next to one of the closed gates at ground level.

Silver Tairona Pendant

Head up to the machine-gun nest overlooking the courtyard from the previous treasure. You can climb down some darkened stairs from here to reach ground level, where you’ll find this treasure between the stairs and the wall.

Gold Llama

When you reach the broken staircase that leads to Drake’s Tower, turn around and climb the wall on the left. Use it to reach the ledge above you, and follow it to its end to find this treasure among the vegetation.

Chapter 8: The Drowned City

Decorated Silver Ring

At the start of the chapter, after the introductory fight, check the ground to the right of the place where you started the level.

Silver Frog

After Nate and Elena split up, you’ll have to deal with a pirate wielding a grenade launcher. Clean out the area, then check the ruined building in the back right corner of the courtyard. 

Chapter 9: To the Tower

Golden Fish Charm

Check the left side of the courtyard just outside the tower entrance.

Jeweled Golden Brooch

Before you open the door and reunite with Elena, look at the rubble in the corner of the room.

Chapter 10: The Customs House

Silver Belt Buckle

Climb the ruined staircase as high as it’ll go to find this treasure at their top.

Chapter 11: Trapped

Spanish Gold Coin

There’s a particularly nice, albeit ruined, staircase near the start of the level that splits in two directions at its top. If you go right, you can find this treasure just past the ruined arch.

Silver Spanish Chalice

After you cross the rope bridge, take a left through the doorway, go downstairs, and take another left at the base of the stairs.

Gold Coatimundi

After you leave the Customs House, check the alcove in the cavern behind the stack of ammo crates.

Chapter 13: Sanctuary?

Golden Turtle

Jump onto the platform next to the ruined waterwheel, drop down, and grab the treasure off the ground at your feet.

Silver Inca Cup

After the cutscene where you find the impaled pirate, drop down into the nearby river and check underneath the old bridge.

Jeweled Silver Cross

After you blow up the doorway with the fuel barrels, turn right to see the treasure on the far side of the room.

Gold Spanish Chalice

The next three treasures are all scattered across the courtyard that the pirates have turned into a sniper’s alley. From your entrance point, turn left, go past the short stone staircase, and check at the base of the debris between the building and the wall.

Silver Toothpick

From your entrance point to the snipers’ courtyard, turn right and vault the old stone railing.

Silver Coatimundi

During your fight with the snipers, a wave of guys armed with M79s will kick their way into the room at one point. If you check where they came from, you’ll find this treasure in a small, ruined plaza.

Gold Cup and Cover

Once you open the secret door in the library, enter the vault, run forward, and keep an eye on the floor to your left.

Chapter 14: Going Underground

Golden Inca Vessel

Directly to your right the moment you start the level.

Gold Skull

From the previous treasure, follow the wall along to your left, go down the tunnel, and turn left. When the path ends in a pit, use the ledge on the right wall to shimmy across to the platform at the base of the stairs. Now, look under the waterfall.

Silver Snuff Box

When you enter the church, this can be found on the ground next to the cluster of lit candles to your left.

Silver Spanish Goblet

Immediately upon entering the catacombs, look behind the sarcophagus to your left.

Silver Ingot

After the cutscene where Nate eavesdrops on Roman and Eddy, go straight forward through the doorway. Hop across the gap in front of you, then go a couple of steps straight ahead and drop down. You’ll land on this well-hidden treasure. 

Gold and Ruby Inca Mask

From where you found the Silver Ingot, look for the nearby tunnel. Follow it to the tomb at its end, turn left, climb the stairs, and look for this treasure on the ground near the winch.

Chapter 15: On the Trail of the Treasure

Gold Inca Figurine

Right at the start of the chapter, do a 180, go back down the hallway, and go down the stairs on your right. This treasure is in the tall grass on your left as you descend the stairs.

Golden Bird Vessel

On the second floor of the church, right after Sully contacts you on your radio, don’t go through the doorway to the room with the broken floor. Instead, turn left and follow the balcony to its end to find this treasure.

Golden Spanish Goblet

Inside a small dark room on the third floor of the church.

Jeweled Golden Cross

When you open the stained-glass window, jump through it, and turn right in the hallway after it to find the Cross.

Silver Skull

Once you’ve cleared out the cemetery, backtrack to your entrance point. If you’re facing into the cemetery, the treasure is behind the second mausoleum on your right.

Golden Inca Mask

From where you found the Silver Skull, climb the closest wall to reach the higher level of the cemetery. This treasure is on your right, behind one of the tombstones, in the corner.

Chapter 16: The Treasure Vault

Silver Cup and Cover

When you first enter the vault, walk forward past V and II and take a right at the IV marker. Go up the stairs and follow the path around to the right to find this treasure at its end.

Jeweled Silver Brooch

Continue through the stage as usual. When you reach the swinging lantern in front of the IV plaque, turn left and jump to the plank to the left of the III plaque.

Gold Snuff Box

Near the top of the vault, look for this treasure on a ledge next to the big staircase marked with a VII plaque. Use the banister to help propel you over to it.

Chapter 18: The Bunker

Gold Monkey Figurine

At a dead end in the hallways past the U-boat hangar.

Chapter 19: Unwelcome Guests

Golden Seadragon Pendant

Atop a tall stack of crates in the U-boat hangar. You’ll need to climb atop a nearby stack and make two diagonal jumps to reach it.

Chapter 20: Race to the Rescue

Gold Ingot

Right at the start of the stage, circle around to the far side of the shaft you just climbed out of.

Chapter 21: Gold and Bones

Golden Skull Rosary

At the start of the chapter, drop down and go down the tunnels into the catacombs. The Rosary will be on your right, next to a sarcophagus.

Sapphire and Silver Mask

The last treasure in the game is just down the tunnel from the last one, on the other side of a big white pillar in the center of the next room.

If you found all the treasures along the way, the Master Thief Collection and/or Master Fortune Hunter Trophies should fire as soon as you grab the Sapphire and Silver Mask. Whoever hid some of these treasures was quite the sadist. If you missed any of them, you can use the Chapter Select to go back in search of the rest; in the Remastered edition, Chapter Select also shows how much treasure you grabbed out of each stage.

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