Uncharted 2: Among Thieves may not be the best game in the Uncharted franchise overall, but it does have a top contender for the best single action sequence in it. Since Sony gave away a copy of the Nathan Drake Collection last month to everyone on the PlayStation Network who wanted one, and since the Tom Holland movie looks like it could actually happen at some point post-pandemic, the Uncharted series is getting a lot of new fans right now. We're here to help out all those newbie treasure hunters with a full guide on finding all the ridiculously well-hidden collectible treasures in Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Find All the Treasures (Part Two)

There are a total of 101 treasures to find in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Only four of the game's 25 chapters don't have any at all to find, so you should keep your eyes peeled throughout most of your run through the game.

You receive a bronze Trophy, First Treasure, for the, well, first treasure you collect. After that, you get a new Trophy in the Fortune Hunter series for every 20 treasures you get, culminating in the silver Trophy Master Fortune Hunter at 100. You also get $10,000 of in-game money for every 5 treasures you find, which is used to purchase single-player rewards like new costumes, cheats, concept art, and color filters. (Real Trophy fanatics will want to save up $50,000 off the hop to unlock the infamous Doughnut Drake skin, which has a specific Trophy, Too Fat Too Furious, attached to using it.)

Like the first Uncharted, there's a "bonus" treasure in Uncharted 2, the Strange Relic (actually a Precursor Orb), which doesn't count towards your overall total for trophy purposes. You do get the Relic Finder bronze Trophy for finding it in UC2, however. In the Remastered version of UC2 that shipped with the Nathan Drake Collection, a player who finds all 100 treasures as well as the Strange Relic unlocks a gold Trophy, Master Thief Collection.

Check the following table for the locations of the first 48 treasures in the game, covering chapters 1 through 14.




Chapter 15: Train-Wrecked

Tibetan Knife

All three treasures in this level are in the same general area: the train crash site that also hosts a tough fight against three waves of soldiers.

Head towards the burning fuel tanker in the distance. From the fire, turn right and go towards the cliff, where you’ll find this treasure at its edge.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel

From where you found the Tibetan Knife, turn around and look back into the arena. Two of the wrecked train cars have ended up piled on top of one another. Walk towards them, go around to their other side, and look for this treasure in a snowbank against the edge of the arena.

Tibetan Silver Vase

Shoot it down from atop the stack of wrecked train cars in the same general area as the last two treasures.

Chapter 16: Where Am I?

Ram’s Head Thogchag

At the start of the level, circle around the house to your right and pick this up from the ground near the fence in the yak pen.

Bronze Buddha Statue

When you see the two kids playing with a soccer ball, turn right and look for a blue ladder. Climb it, then hop the wooden wall on your left. There’s a treasure in the grass nearby.

Singing Bowl

Behind the low stone wall next to the building with the blue porch.

Chapter 17: Mountaineering

Tibetan Ritual Blade

After you swing across the gap with Tenzin’s rope, climb down the ladder. Before you go through the tunnel, check along the edge of the cliff to find this treasure.

Clay Deity Head

Instead of immediately following Tenzin across the gap in the ice cavern, use his rope to swing over to the small platform on the right.

Bronze Chenrezig Statue

Just past the abandoned campsite, on a lower ledge.

Skull Cap Drum

When you reach the river, don’t climb the ledges right away. Instead, take a right and follow the hidden path to find the treasure at its end.

Silver Needle Case

Continue past the river and eventually, you’ll spot a ladder on the other side of a couple of snow-covered platforms. Leap the first gap, and look to your left to find a sneaky treasure hidden in plain sight.

Bronze Stupa Ornament

After your fight with the yeti, you’ll eventually find a corpse with some ammunition on him. Grab it, then follow the narrow path around to the left and leap across the gap to the small isolated platform. There’s another sneaky treasure here.

Chapter 18: Heart of Ice

Mandala Thogchag

When you lower the set of three rotating drums, climb over to the one that’s furthest from the temple entrance. The treasure is hidden at its top. You’ll need to be fast to grab it before one of the wooden planks knocks you away.

Dipa Oil Lamp

While you’re navigating through the gears, you’ll eventually get to a point where you need to grab a hanging rope. While you’ve got it, swing slightly to the right of your destination and grab this treasure off of the bit of broken wall there. Do not let go of the rope.

Tibetan Flint Lighter

From the last treasure, use the rope to reach the ledge on the other side of the gap. When it crumbles, ride the gear down to solid ground. There’s another, horizontal gear underneath this platform, along with a hidden treasure, and you can use the former to reach the latter by clinging to its side.

Bronze Dorje

In the giant room filled with gears that you have to platform through, you can take a detour back the way you came when you reach the far side. Use the rafters to reach the ledge over your entry point, where you’ll find this treasure.

Tibetan Ceremonial Axe

After you use a horizontal beam to swing across a gap in the big gear room, look to your right to see a statue with a glowing spot in its left eye. Shimmy over to the ledge, shoot it and grab the treasure.

Trigram Thogchag

At the end of the chapter, shoot the glowing spot on the crown of the big statue above the fresco.

Chapter 19: Siege

Amber Skull Bead

Fight through the village until you run into the machine-gun emplacement on the left side of the road. The building across from it has a hayloft on its roof that contains this treasure and an RPG.

Antique Ghau

At one point, Tenzin will open a door for you so you can continue with the level. Fight through all three floors of the house, and from the roof, drop down into an alleyway with one of the villagers. The treasure is in a shadowy corner of this alley, next to a tree.

Bell Thogchag

Work your way back up to the village’s rooftops and keep your eyes open for a rooftop garden that’s been painted blue. You’ll find this treasure there.

Chapter 20: Cat and Mouse

Yak Horn Carving Treasure

Near the start of the level, after you climb a set of wooden stairs, you and Tenzin will have to scale a short wall to continue onward. Before you follow him, look for this treasure at the base of that wall.

Bronze Tsongkhapa

After the scene where the tank busts through the wall and nearly flattens Nate, run forward until you find a crate in the middle of the path. The treasure is on your left, in a small alcove.

Tibetan Trumpet

After the tank nearly knocks you off the ledge, round the corner and get onto the rooftop. The treasure is on the ground in front of the red banner on the wall.

Gilt Tara Statue

Keep your eyes open for a rooftop in the village that has an open blue trapdoor. From that roof, jump across to the roof of the adjacent building, and climb down its trapdoor to find this treasure on a hidden ledge.

Chapter 22: The Monastery

Tibetan Silver Earring

On a wooden beam above the temple doors in the mercenaries’ staging area near the start of the level.

Ritual Crown

After your big fight on the broken bridge, turn around and drop off the edge of the cliff near the burning oil drum. There’s a treasure on a small ledge down here.

Silver Official Seal

If you’re manning the machine-gun emplacement on the broken bridge, this treasure is on the other side of the broken wall on your right. You’ll need to climb around to it.

Silver Offering Pot

When Elena takes off after Schafer, follow her up the stairs and across the first gap. Before you go any further, though, drop off the right side of the ledge you landed on and you’ll spot a treasure on a hidden platform to your right.

Tibetan Turquoise Ring

As you’re looking for another way into the tower, keep an eye out for a side door at ground level with a small roof above it. If you climb above it and drop down to the small ledge in front of the door, you can shoot the treasure down from its hiding place below the roof.

Carved Wooden Ghurra

As you fight across another bridge, keep your eyes open for a couple of blue and red crates in front of an archway on the far side. These aren’t just cover; if you climb down the right side of the bridge from them, you’ll spot a treasure on the wall underneath them.

Bronze Tiger Bell

Once you’ve cleared all the enemies out of the second tower, descend to its bottom floor, go out onto the balcony, and take a left. There’s a distant wooden platform here that you can just barely reach with a difficult running leap. Get there, climb down the ladder on the other side, and shoot down this well-hidden treasure from the platform below.

Antique Bronze Lion

Above a barred window on the topmost floor of the Monastery proper, near the end of the level. After you and Elena climb into the room through a window, deal with the men inside. You’ll probably spot the treasure’s glow while you’re fighting the sniper above you, but you’ll have to do some climbing to reach it.

Chapter 23: Reunion

Tibetan Ritual Vase

Near the start of the level, on the side of one of the support columns. It’s accessible while you’re swinging from the rope.

Tibetan Conch Horn

Once you’ve dealt with all the goons in the first courtyard, climb up the stairs, circle around from the left, and jump across to the rooftop on the other side. This treasure’s in the corner.

Bronze Oil Lamp

After your big fight with the two minigun soldiers, climb up the ruined rooftops on the right side of the courtyard. You should be able to spot the treasure glowing in the ceiling above you.

Ancient Sword Guard

In the next room after that, you should spot the treasure on the ceiling as soon as you climb in through the window.

Tibetan Coral Earring

After the scene where you see a bunch of soldiers screaming for backup below you while you’re dangling from a ledge, shimmy across to the next platform. Then, drop down to the one below it and shoot this treasure down from below the overhang.

Tibetan Square Chau

After you use some poles to reach the open window on the monastery's roof, you may spot a statue of a monk on a nearby wall with a treasure in his arms. Use the crates to climb up to the roof above you, then drop down to grab the treasure off the statue.

Carved Bone Ornament

After your encounter with Chloe and the subsequent puzzle sequence, ride the zipline down. Jump a gap, head up some stairs, jump another gap, and look up to see this treasure in a light fixture on the ceiling. Shoot it down, then jump back across the gap to grab it.

Tibetan Hair Ornament

After you meet back up with Elena and survive the subsequent fight scene, look for this treasure on top of a nearby headless statue.

Tibetan Mala Beads

After you grab the last treasure, use the zipline to reach another area and another fight. Clear out the soldiers, and check behind the columns at the bottom of the stairs.

Chapter 24: The Road to Shambala

Bronze Garuda

At the start of the level, look up and to the right to spot this treasure high on the wall.


Toad Censer

After your reunion with Flynn, jump the first gap along the path and turn left.


Eight Emblems Pendant

At the end of the hall, you’ll cross a long narrow platform that looks like a compass needle. Follow it around to the exit stairs, but instead of climbing them, hop over them to scoop this treasure up from the alcove to their left.

Chapter 25: Broken Paradise

Phurba Chogthag

After your first fight in the chapter with the Guardians, keep an eye out above you. One of the dragon statues above the courtyard has a treasure in its eye that you can shoot down.


Clay Yamantaka Head

At the end of the hallway where you first encounter the blue tree sap, look at the top of the stairs to the left to see this treasure glowing from among the tree roots.


Gold-Leaf Statue Head

The next time you make it outside, drop off the balcony, turn right, and run over to the edge of the cliff. The treasure is to your right, next to some fallen rubble.


Fibula Thogchag

On the rooftops on the left side of the aqueduct.


Unusual Bronze Mask

After you push the cart, look to the right. The treasure is caught in a tree branch on the other side of the courtyard.


Mani Jewel Thogchag

On a statue in the center of the first floor of the main temple of Shambala.


Wooden Vajrapani Mask

As you leave the main temple, keep your eyes on the ceiling to spot this.


Bronze Statue Head

Between the third and fourth flights of stairs in the main temple of Shambala, between two columns and initially blocked from sight by a broken chunk of the floor.

If you've found all 100 treasures and the Strange Relic, the Master Fortune Hunter Trophy should fire as soon as you pick up the Bronze Statue Head. If you're on the Remastered edition, it'll come alongside the Master Thief Collection gold Trophy.

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