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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Find All the Treasures (Part One)

Find the first 48 of 101 treasures in the second Uncharted.
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is still a hot contender for the best game in the series, thanks to its classic train level. Since Sony gave away a copy of the Nathan Drake Collection last month to everyone on the PlayStation Network who wanted one, and since the Tom Holland movie looks like it could actually happen at some point post-pandemic, the Uncharted series is getting a lot of new fans right now. We’re here to help out all those newbie treasure hunters with a full guide on finding all the ridiculously well-hidden collectible treasures in Uncharted 2.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Find All the Treasures (Part One)

There are a total of 101 treasures to find in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Only four of the game’s 25 chapters don’t have any at all to find, so you should keep your eyes peeled throughout most of your run through the game.

You receive a bronze Trophy, First Treasure, for the first treasure you collect. After that, you get a new Trophy in the Fortune Hunter series for every 20 treasures you get, culminating in the silver Trophy Master Fortune Hunter at 100. You also get $10,000 of in-game money for every 5 treasures you find, which is used to purchase single-player rewards like new costumes, cheats, concept art, and color filters. (Real Trophy fanatics will want to save up $50,000 off the hop to unlock the infamous Doughnut Drake skin, which has a specific Trophy, Too Fat Too Furious, attached to using it.)

Like the first Uncharted, there’s a “bonus” treasure in Uncharted 2, the Strange Relic (actually a Precursor Orb), which doesn’t count towards your overall total for trophy purposes. You do get the Relic Finder bronze Trophy for finding it in UC2, however. In the Remastered version of UC2 that shipped with the Nathan Drake Collection, a player who finds all 100 treasures as well as the Strange Relic unlocks a gold Trophy, Master Thief Collection.

Check the following table for the locations of the first 48 treasures in the game, covering chapters 1 through 14.




Chapter 1: A Rock and a Hard Place

Wrathful Deity Statue

Once you’ve escaped from the train at the start of the game, look at the base of the tree on the edge of the cliff.

Saraswati Statue

As you venture back into the crash site, look for this treasure near the open fire.

Tibetan Snuff Box

After you shoot off the padlock, step through the door and look up. Shoot down the treasure from the corpse hanging above you.

Bhutanese Lime Box

Jump across the gap between train cars, but before you enter, drop down to the ground to find the treasure below you.

Ghau Amulet Thogchag

Following your flashback to Nate’s evening with Chloe, jump out of the hole in the wall and use the yellow pipe to reach another car. Turn around as soon as you’re inside and you’ll see the treasure against the back wall.

Chapter 2: Breaking and Entering

Byzantine Gold Coin

As you enter the basement from the sewers, turn around to find the Coin on a box.

Glass Evil Eye

Move on with the level. After you boost Flynn up, turn around and look at the scaffolding to Nate’s right.

Ottoman Ring

Before you enter the museum, search the suit of armor in the corner to the right of the door.

Silver Amulet Box

In a flower bed in the museum courtyard, in front of the closed portcullis.

Silver Belt Buckle

Check the ornate fountain on the museum grounds.

Ivory Chess Knight

When you reach the rafters, take a second to check the windows right by the big iron bell.

Ottoman Bracelet

Use Flynn’s rope to reach the barred windows on the museum’s exterior wall, but before you move on, take a little detour. You can use the ledge here to shimmy around the corner and drop onto a slim drainage pipe, where this treasure is waiting for you.

Antique Pocket Watch

On the museum’s roof, look for a glowing spot behind a red banner on one of the tower walls. Shoot it with your tranquilizer pistol to make it drop to a place where you can take it.

Antique Pipe

After Flynn screws you over, three guards will come after you through a nearby gate. This treasure is in an alcove to the left of them; grab it before you deal with them.

Jeweled Bracelet

Before you climb out of the sewers at the end of the level, do a 180. The treasure is directly across from the tunnel that contains your exit ladder.

Chapter 3: Borneo

Yuan Dynasty Coin

After you plant the first charge, follow the river until you come to the enormous tree. Sully will go right; go left instead, use the small log to enter a hidden area, and shoot the treasure off of the branch overhead.

Yuan Dynasty Jade Animal

After you knock out the two guards, turn right and look for another log ramp. It leads to another small hidden area, where this treasure sits inside an old barrel.

Jade Pei Pendant

Around the time Chloe radios you to tell you that you’re getting close to the excavation site, keep an eye out for a suspiciously climbable-looking wooden wall along the edge of a combat arena. You can scale it to find this treasure at the end of a small walkway.

Amber Jade Chimera

After your brawl with the soldiers, climb the rope that Sully drops for you. Don’t follow him, though; instead, turn right, jump to the ledge on the other side of the waterfall, and navigate several gaps, cliffs, and beams to find this particularly well-hidden treasure.

Chapter 4: The Dig

Mongol Paiza Passport

Shoot the glowing spot in the crow’s nest of the wrecked ship outside Lazarevic’s office.

Jade Belt Slide

Stuck to the wall above the Chinese tiger statue on the lower floor of the ruins.

Yuan Dynasty Helmet

After the scene where Nate finds the Phurba dagger, turn left to spot another distant glowing object on the wall above you. Shoot it down.

Chapter 5: Urban Warfare

Strange Relic*

After your detour through the ruined building, you’ll end up back on the street next to a wrecked blue car. Head away from it towards the blue shutter at the end of the nearby alleyway, and drop into the open manhole to find UC2’s Strange Relic.

Chapter 6: Desperate Times

Brass Bird Lamp

After the level’s opening fight, backtrack a bit and look for this treasure, which is on top of one of the streetlights next to a yellow sign. You’ll have to climb up for this one. 

Silver Dress Clasp

Shoot the glowing spot above the entrance to the temple at the start of the level.

Copper Rice Measure

Before you enter the hotel through the second-floor window, follow the exterior awning around to its end to find this treasure. 

Yuan Dynasty Urn

When you find the elevator car with this treasure in it, climb the nearby stairs to the top and drop down into the elevator from above.

Enameled Snuff Bottle

After you cross the skybridge into another ruined apartment, go onto the balcony next to the kitchen, jump the railing, and follow the roof around to the open suitcase.

Incense Burner

During your fight with the mercenaries on the rooftops, look for a short building with a big water tank on top of it. The treasure is next to that water tank.

Chapter 7: They’re Coming With Us

Worn Pendant

After the level’s opening fight, backtrack to the ruined house and grab this off the top of the discordantly yellow nightstand. 

Nine Jewel Ring

In the same plaza, look up to see this treasure glowing from inside the bell on the ornate fountain statue.

Ankhora Water Vessel

On a pile of junk at water level on the far side of the canal. You’re “supposed” to drop down onto it once you get to the other side, but you can just as easily wade against the current to grab it with a little practice.

Silver Shiva Amulet

On a cart in the courtyard in front of the temple.

Chapter 8: The City’s Secret

Bronze Altar Spoon

As soon as you gain control of Nate at the start of the level, turn right and go through the doorway. Climb the wall at the end of the hall to find this treasure in a hidden alcove.

Bronze Varaha Statue

Once you “disarm” the spike trap, look for this treasure in a bone pile to the right of the exit door.

Chapter 9: Path of Light

Copper Lakhe Mask

This is found at the far end of the balcony that you can reach after you activate the pink face idol’s switch. You can just barely see it glow while you’re on approach.

Carved Jade Figurine

After you shoot open the eye on another idol, Nate ends up dangling off of an oversized metal censer. At this point, you can barely spot the treasure’s glow above a closed gate ahead of you. Shoot it down from here and you can go grab it.

Bronze Ganesh Statue

Once you open the secret room below the temple, enter and circle around its edge. The treasure is hidden behind one of the ornamental columns.

Chapter 12: A Train to Catch

Nepali Bronze Lion

At the end of an alleyway off the street where you start the level.

Yuan Dynasty Lotus Jar

After you boost Elena up to the fire escape and she drops a ladder for you, don’t follow her right away. Instead, use the stairs to climb to the top of the fire escape and scoop up this treasure.

Cham Lion Mask

Later on, when Elena drops the walkway for you on the rooftops, go back to the roof she was stuck on and grab this treasure. You should see its glow while you’re clinging to the street sign.

Jeweled Statue Crown

After you ride the zipline down to the trainyard, head along the side of the nearby train car, past the blue tank, to find this treasure in some debris at the end of the path.

Three-Stone Coral Ring

On top of an air conditioning unit high on the wall in the trainyard’s loading dock. You’ll need to climb over to it.

Chapter 13: Locomotion

Miniature Bronze Stupa

As soon as you’re aboard the train, retreat to its tail end to find this treasure on its open hatch.

Yama and Buffalo Statue

On the roof of a passenger car relatively early in the level, between the two mechanical housings.

Newari Bronze Figures

Look out for a car on the train that’s hauling a load of coal. This treasure is inside the freight car in front of it, against its back wall near some blue barrels. 

Chapter 14: Tunnel Vision

Gilded Bodhisattva Statue

This treasure, like the one before it, is in a freight car that’s found immediately after a coal car, near the start of the level.

Tibetan Saddle Ring

You’ll eventually reach a train car that you have to break into by shooting the lock off its back door. This treasure is inside, on the other end of the car.

 Between all this free Uncharted and The Last of Us Part II, it’s been a big few weeks to be a fan of Naughty Dog’s. We’re covering as much news as we can find about the company here at Prima, including:

Our guide to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’s treasures continues in part two, because the wordcount was getting a mite high on this one. Naughty Dog really enjoys hiding its collectibles in obscure places. There’s probably going to be some rare new comic in Last of Us Part II that only shows up during particular lunar cycles or something. Yell at me for giving Naughty Dog ideas via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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