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Tyranny – That Which Remains

by Prima Games Staff

With Duskwatch Fort cleared of the Unbroken, and Callias rescued, it’s time to set your sights towards the next part of your journey. You need to find out what the Unbroken are looking for, and find it before they do. In this article we’ll show you how to capture the Unbroken Camp in the Rusted Canyons and complete the quest That Which Remains in Tyranny.

Meet with Teodor

After speaking with Graven Ashe and completing Into the Maelstrom you will be tasked with traveling to the Rusted Canyons and figuring out what the Unbroken are looking for. Head out of Iron Hearth, make sure to sell anything you found in Duskwatch Fort, and then make your way to the Rusted Canyons.

Once you arrive you’ll need to move forward through the Rusted Canyons, where you will bear witness to the brutal killing of an Unbroken Soldier. Follow the Disfavored soldier up to their camp and speak with him to learn more about the Unbroken in this area. He’ll task you with infiltrating the Unbroken Camp which is currently held by Elia.

Take Control of the Unbroken Camp

Head out of the Disfavored Camp and make your way along the edge of the walls to find a bridge being guarded by several Resolute Blades. Take out the soldiers, and move forward to find several Disfavored soldiers held prisoner in a pit. Help them up, and then attack the gate to break it down. This will gain you a fair amount of Wrath with the Unbroken, but since we are currently in alliance with the Disfavored, the matter is of small importance.

There are several enemies in this camp, so be careful as you take them down. Once you have cleared out the initial area, head towards the back to find a drawbridge of sorts being pulled up. You must break a pulley in order to get past this point. Head around the edge of the camp and up an incline to find several soldiers guarding the pulley system. Take care of the Resolute Blades in the area, then break down the pulley using a skill check. The bridge will clatter back to the ground, allowing you to run up it. Continue up it to meet with Elia, who will run out of another gate and leave to deal with more of her soldiers.

Dispose of the soldiers to trigger a cutscene of sorts where you’ll find yourself in the middle of the camp again, with Teodor and his Disfavored soldiers laying claim to the area. Go along with the conversation, and let the Disfavored have the place, and you’ll then be tasked with pursuing Elia north, where you can capture her and get information about the relic that the Unbroken are hunting.

Pursue Elia North

Head north up to the gate that Elia used to escape and break it open. There are several enemies in the area, so take them out and head to the left, following the path until you spot an incline leading to the top of a set of cliffs. Climb up and follow them around to find Elia caught between you and another group of Disfavored being led by Jacomus. Take out the Unbroken soldiers and threaten to enslave all of the remaining Stalwart people to get Elia to talk. She’ll advise you of Mattias’ location, as well as the name of the relic that they are looking for.

During your conversation with Elia you learn that the Unbroken are looking for the remains of Regent Aspison. He carried the Steadfast Insignia, which they believe will allow them to pass through the dust storm without being wounded or held back. Learning this information will complete That Which Remains and unlock a new quest for you to tackle.

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