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Tyranny – Oathbreakers, How to Become a Good Guy

by Prima Games Staff

In Tyranny, evil has already won. Kyros’ army has conquered the land, and good – for the most part – has been squashed under the boot of the Overlord’s armies. However, if you do not wish to fall in line, and help the Overlord finish his conquest of the Tiers, you do have the option to choosing to side with the Oathbreakers. In this article we’ll teach you how to get and complete the quest Oathbreakers in Tyranny.

How to Get the Oathbreakers Quest

Getting the Oathbreakers quest can be a bit challenging. In order to acquire this quest you’ll need to gain favor with the Vendrien Guard. This means doing things from the very start that will gain you favor with the group. The best way to do this is to pay attention to the dialogue choices you make throughout the first few hours of the game. Then, once you have been tasked with taking Echocall Crossing, head to the Scarlet Chorus Camp and speak with Fifth Eye to pick up the quest, Taking the Outer Valley.

Travel to Tripnette Wilderness using your World Map. Previously, in our walkthrough for Taking the Outer Valley, we told you to kill or capture Pelox Florian. This time around, however, you will need to let him and his people escape. Letting them escape, and having favor with the Vendrien Guard, will unlock the Oathbreakers questline, which completely changes how the first act of the game plays out.

After letting Pelox go, you will gain access to the Secluded Grove, a new area on the map that you can visit and explore. Upon your arrival you will find an archer, who will lead you to meet with TarkisArri, the leader of the Oathbreakers. Follow the archer and meet with Tarkis to learn of their intentions.

When first speaking to Tarkis, both Barik and Verse will voice this discontent, and you will have a few different dialogue options to try to appease them. Choose your options, then listen to Tarkis convey their plan. They wish for you to take the tower and claim it for yourself. They’ll act as your soldiers, fighting in an army that will follow after you. Choosing to accept their services will cause Barik to lose average loyalty and gain a minor bit of fear.

Sow Discord Between the Archons

Now it is time to head back to the Disfavored camp and sow discord among the two Archons, Graven Ashe and the Voices of Nerat. As with this conversation in any other setup of the game, your choices will decide who you join up with for the rest of the game. Choosing the Disfavored will cause the Voices of Nerat to leave the tent. Stick up for Verse and she will remain an ally. Head out of the tent and speak to Iron Marshal Erenyos. You can lie and say that you’ll join the Disfavored along the way to get out of marching with them. If you choose to march with the Disfavored outright you will betray the Vendrien Guard, and fail the quest.

During all of this Barik will challenge your allegiance. You can say what you wish here, but if you want to keep Barik as a member of the party, then you must either:

  • Betray the Vendrien Guard.
  • Be a Diplomat of Soldier
  • Tell him Tunon sent you to do a job and you are doing it.

Each option will have various skill checks in place. Fail any of them and Barik will leave the party. Once you are ready to continue, head to the World Map and travel to Vendrien’s Well Citadel and find TarkisArri. From here the rest of the quest is pretty straightforward. Follow the markers on your HUD, and defend the Citadel against the forces of Kyros’ army. Once you are finished you will be transported to the top of the Spire, where you will unlock the next quest, Stirring Visions.

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