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Tyranny – Into the Maelstrom

by Prima Games Staff

After ascending the first spire at Ascension Hall, the Fatebinder is called back to Tunon’s Court in the Bastard City. Return there, speak with your master, and obtain two new quests. For the purpose of this article we’ll be continuing the story by showing you how to complete the quest Into the Maelstrom, which first tasks you with meeting up with Graven Ashe at the Disfavored stronghold of Iron Hearth.

Meet Graven Ashe at Iron Hearth

After speaking with Tunon, continue out of his court and towards the exit of the Bastard City. The Archon of Shadows, Bleden Mark, will appear and chat with you for a few moments. Finish speaking with him to find out that many eyes are now on you, carefully watching your every move. After he vanishes, head out the exit and to the World Map.

The next stop on your journey is a small place to the south of Vendrien’s Well called Iron Hearth. This is the stronghold of the Disfavored army, and it is here that you will find Graven Ashe. When speaking with Tunon you will have also obtained the quest Trial of the Archons, which tasks you with gathering evidence against both Archons to see who was truly in the wrong in starting a civil war. Tunon is not happy about the war, and he needs to make sure that somebody pays for the dissidence that has been sewn among the factions of Kyros’ army.

When you arrive at Iron Hearth, head up the path and into the main keep to find Graven Ashe inside. Speak with him and he will tell you about Sentinel Stand Keep, the last major holdout in the area. He’ll also advise you of the Edict of Storms, which has been running for decades now, as the Disfavored have been unable to take the keep thanks to the storm. To end the Edict of Storms you must find and kill Straydus Herodin, the last member of the Stalwart Regent bloodline. With him dead the Edict of Storms will pass, and Kyros will be appeased.

It also appears that the Unbroken, a faction of the once strong Stalwart army, has begun to use the storm as cover for their own attempts to get into Sentinel Stand. Finally, he asks you to be on the look out for his daughter, Amelia, as you try to figure out a way to take down the Regent and bring the Edict of Storms to an End.

Investigate Sentinel Stand Keep

With the task at hand explained, head back out of the Iron Hearth keep. There is a merchant to the north of the keep entrance, so be sure to selloff any items you don’t need, or purchase any that you’re missing out on. The following quest is going to be tough, and you’ll be introduced to some new enemies, so make sure you have plenty of Healing Potions and Camping Supplies to survive the trouble.

Once your supplies are stocked up, head out of Iron Hearth and travel to Sentinel Stand, which should now be marked on your map. While traveling to Sentinel Stand our party will be ambushed and you will be given a chance to recruit Kills-in-Shadow, a Beastwoman Companion who is very capable in battle. Try not to upset her as you speak to her. You can learn more about the Companions in Tyranny by heading over to our guide.

Leave the ambush site and continue on to Sentinel Stand. Upon your arrival you should head north, following the path along until you meet up with a Disfavored soldier named Rativek. He’ll tell you about the area, and lead you up to the path that leads to the Keep. Sadly, the Keep is protected by the very storm that Kyros cast to clear out the Stalwart rabble, so you’re going to have to find another way around it. While investigating the winds you hear howling and are introduced to the Bane, a group of enemies made up of evil spirits called Scourges and Wisps. Dispatch of these otherworldly foes, and then continue to the right to spot a figure hiding along the battlement. Approach to instigate conversation.

After the conversation, head up the steps and investigate a corpse that Rativek spotted along the battlements. You’ll find Amelia’s War Banner inside. Rativek will speak up, saying that he recognizes the old family crest. You can talk to him to learn more about Amelia. At the end of the conversation he will tell you about an Unbroken fort called Duskwatch, where a Stone Shield named Callias is being held prisoner. Callias, once a member of Amelia’s army, might know more about how she went missing or where she is being held. Offer to help the troops and then travel to Duskwatch via the World Map.

You arrive in the area around Duskwatch Fort and spot a Crescent Runner to your right. Speak with the Disfavored soldier to have him lead you to Osmisos, the Disfavored commander charged with taking the fort. He’ll tell you about the area, and suggest you try to sneak inside and open the gates up so that they can storm the camp. You can choose to help the Disfavored here, or take it on your own. For the purpose of this walkthrough we will be helping the Disfavored every change we can.

Sneak Inside Duskwatch and Free Callias

Once night falls, continue into the area and up to the fort. There are several ways to enter, but each one will require a different skill check. An area along the right side of the wall will allow you to bash in the palisade for 48 Athletics, however it will require you to do a lot of fighting on your own. The next entrance allows you to hop over the wall for 35 Athletics, but it also requires you to fight through most of the fort without any backup. The best way to get inside the fort is to continue around the fort counter clockwise until you spot an area you can crawl beneath. The biggest issue here is the fact that you will need 53 Subterfuge to be able to enter this way.

If you don’t have 53 Subterfuge, simply enter through one of the other ways listed above and take out any enemies in your way. Along the way to the front gate you will spot Callias sitting in the prisoner area. Speak to him to introduce yourself, then make for the front gate and let the Disfavored in. There are plenty of enemies in this area, so try to fight as few at a time as possible, and make sure you have your Healing Potions handy.

Once the fortress is cleared, head back to the stable area and speak to Callias to learn about his imprisonment. He tells you of the leader, Mattias, and his goal to find an old Stalwart relic. You also learn that Mattias dispatched several troops to Rust Canyons, where they are busy looking for the Stalwart relic they believe will allow them through the storm blocking the way to Sentinel Stand Keep.

With Duskwatch Fort captured and Callias safe, it is time to return to Graven Ashe and let him in on the things that you have learned. Look the camp before you leave, as there are plenty of containers and items to be found throughout, and then head back to the World Map and travel to Iron Hearth. Speak with Graven Ashe to receive updated tasks and complete Into the Maelstrom.

You can continue on to the next part of our Tryanny walkthrough, That Which Remains, or return to our Tyranny guide for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you conquer the Tiers.

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