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Tyranny – Cleaning Out the Junkyard

by Prima Games Staff

After capturing the Unbroken camp in the Rusted Canyons, you learn that several Unbroken soldiers are still in the area, hiding in the Junkyard to the north of the camp. You’ll need to clear them out for Teodor. In this article we’ll show you how to complete the quest Cleaning Out the Junkyard, as well as point out a few choice spots to find yourself some loot in Tyranny.

Kill the Scavengers

The Rusted Canyons are full of broken corpses and there is a ton of loot hidden throughout the area. Unbroken Scavengers remain behind, trying to find the artifact that their leader, Mattias, believes will allow them to pass through the storm without being harmed. To get this quest started, head north out of the camp after speaking with Teodor.

Climb up the drawbridge ramp, and continue out of the gate that you pursued Elia through. Chances are you have already cleared out several enemies in your way, but there are a few more. Make note of the bone-like structure to your right as you enter the Junkyard. There are several enemies hidden in this area, so make sure you take them out before moving on. There is also a locked box here, that requires a skill check in Subterfuge to open, but it contains a Masterwork weapon, so it is worth the effort.

Once you have cleared out the enemies in this back right corner, head to the left, and follow the canyon path through to find another group of enemies. Take them out if you haven’t already, and then look around for any traps and loot in the area. We managed to find quite a few Masterwork items throughout this quest, and the next, so don’t be afraid to explore off the beaten path to find more goodies.

After you finish cleaning up the Junkyard, the quest will update, and you’ll need to return to Teodor for your reward. If you choose to accept the reward then he will give you 70 Rings. However, you can choose not to accept it, which will gain you a bit of favor with the Disfavored. We’d suggest going ahead and grabbing the reward, that way you have additional funds to purchase Healing Potions with before the next quest.

With the quest complete, it is now time to continue on your journey and search the Oldwalls for the Stalwart Insignia. You can continue on to our walkthrough for A Breach Between Worlds, or return to our Tyranny guide for even more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you complete the main story and conquer the Tiers.

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