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Tyranny – Broken Spear

by Prima Games Staff

During your time at the Iron Hearth in Tyranny visiting with Graven Ashe, you can also obtain a side quest that tasks you with finding a Scarlet Chorus thief. The quest takes you to Caedo Village, which you can only navigate to once the Bronze Brotherhood has been dealt with at Ironhaul Trail. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain this side quest in Tyranny, as well as how to complete the quest.

How to Obtain the Quest

This particular side quest can only be obtained by speaking to Acalos, who can be found along the eastern edge of the Iron Hearth encampments. Speak with him and agree to take care of a thief for the quest will appear in your journey.

Travel to Caedo Village

Once you gain access to the quest, Broken Spear, it will appear on your World Map, allowing you to travel to the new location. Go ahead and travel there, after resting up and grabbing additional potions. Upon your arrival the village will be empty. The Scarlet Chorus thugs have driven away the rightful owners of the place, so it’s your job to dispatch and stop them from stealing additional Disfavored weapons.

Deal with Mouth Breather Nefsio

Move forward to find Mouth Breather Nefsio in a standoff with several Disfavored troops. They’ll chat for a moment. You can chime in if you’d like, or simply let the situation play out. Once the conversation ends, however, it will be time to remove this small group of Scarlet Chorus scum from the face of the Tiers. Head into combat and take out Nefsio’s guards. Once the guards are eliminated, the Disfavored commander will motion for you to head inside and deal with the horde member yourself. Let them stay outside as backup, and then move into the settler’s home that Nefsio took over.

There are three enemies inside of the hut, so make sure you heal up before moving in on them. This is a fairly tough fight, so having your troops fully rested will make a huge difference. Once you head inside Nefsio will spark up a conversation. You can chat with him for a few moments if you’d like, or go ahead and dive right into the attack. We suggest listening to what he has to say, as it can offer more information on the situation as a whole.

When you are ready, attack and dispose of Mouth Breather Nefsio. With his dying breath, your quest will update, and it is now time to return to Iron Hearth and give Acalos the good news. You’ll also make a fairly hefty sum of Rings off the whole ordeal, so it is a win all around.

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