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Tyranny – A Breach Between Worlds

by Prima Games Staff

After disposing of the remaining Unbroken in the Rusted Canyons, you learn that the faction is searching for an old Stalwart relic, the Steadfast Insignia. You must now travel to the Oldwalls and locate the Steadfast Insignia before the Unbroken do. In this article we will show you how to traverse the labyrinth of the Oldwalls, and teach you everything you need to know to complete the quest A Breach Between Worlds in Tyranny.

Travel to the Oldwalls Breach

The first part of this quest is simple enough. Travel to the edge of the Rusted Canyons and open up your World Map. We’d suggest making a stop at Iron Hearth for more supplies, and then head to the newly unlocked Oldwalls Breach marked on your map. Here you will find several Unbroken soldiers. Take them out and speak with the Scribe nearby to learn more about the breach. He’ll also mention a special key, which can be found on the corpse of a soldier who died southeast of the entrance into the Oldwalls.

Retrieve the Torchkey

Head towards the entrance, moving the only direction you can. There are several Scourge and Wisps to take on in the area, so clear them out, then continue up the ramp immediately in front of where you entered from. This will lead to even more enemies. Clear those enemies out and loot all of the bodies to find the GarnTorchkey. This is one of three Torchkeys you will need to complete this quest. The other two will be found inside the Oldwalls.

With the Torchkey in hand, head back down the ramp and into the breach’s crater. Continue into the Oldwalls, but be prepared for a fight as several enemies lie in wait. Clear them out and then interact with the glowing Oldwalls Beacon to activate it using the GarnTorchkey. This will light up a wall sconce, which can be used to open the door to the next area. Continue inside to enter the labyrinth of the Oldwalls.

Once past the first door, take out the enemies to the right of the door. There are several, so be careful as you take them on. When they are all taken out, continue up the corridor’s center to find a spirit of some sort caught within a magical trap. The body of the Regent who carried the Steadfast Insignia also appears to be inside the circle. Unfortunately, the body is suspended on a platform in the middle of a hole, so you’ll need to gather up four Keystones to raise the platform around it, and gain access to the body in the center.

The first Keystone can be found on a corpse just to the left of the magical trap. Loot the body to acquire the Humming Keystone. Drop the Keystone into the left-most panel, and it will activate a switch that you can use to lower two sets of stairs near the front of the room.

Find the Missing Keystones

Finding the remaining three Keystones and raising the platform in this room is your highest priority. Head back towards the front of the room and up the stairs to the right. Move into the nearby hallway, and interact with the glowing wall sconce to change which doors are open in this area. Head into the newly opened door and take out the enemies inside the find another Beacon which you can activate with your GarnTorchkey. Press the glowing switch to the right of the door before exiting to open up another door in the main hallway here.

Head into the newly opened room and loot the large wardrobe-like box. There is a trap here, so be careful. Inside the box you will find the Cold Keystone. Move back into the main hallway and interact with the switch again to open up the door leading forward.

Continue down a long corridor with several traps. Disarm them and take out the enemies at the end. Running in too quickly will trigger a battle before you can disarm the trap, so be careful. With the enemies down, continue moving forward and around a corner. There is another Oldwalls Beacon here, but it doesn’t react to your Torchkey. To progress further into the labyrinth, head up the stairs to the second floor.

At the top of the stairs you will find several more enemies and traps. Disarm the traps and take out the enemies. Interact with the switch in the center of the room to open a door to the left. Continue through it and into the next room. Interact with the switch in the floor to extend a bridge. There is a Rune to the left as you come off the bridge, but it requires 999 Lore to activate. Follow the corridor to the right and enter the room along the bottom of the hall. Activate the switch in the floor and continue through the door that opens.

This will lead you to several more enemies. Take them out as quickly as possible. You might even want to use the door as a chokepoint, to keep them from overrunning you. With all the enemies dead, move into the room and charge the Oldwalls Beacon using your GarnTorchkey. There is a Tidecaster’s Opal hidden in the center enemy spawner (the things that glow red). You’ll find the AmbirTorchkey inside the very next room, which can be entered by activating a glowing wall sconce. Loot it and head back to the hallway you entered from.

Move north and take out the enemies in your way. There is a fire trap here, so watch yourself, and fall back to make the enemy come to you. Clear out the Bane, then disarm the trap and move forward to find another bridge. Activate it by using the switch on the floor, then head across. This will lead you to a room with three Oldwall Beacons in it. Each one requires you to activate it using a specific Torchkey, and activating them the wrong way will result in enemies attacking you from the Bane mirrors along the wall. Since you only have two of the Torchkeys right now, ignore this room. We’ll come back to it later.

Instead, hit the switch to the left of the entrance of this room and head through the door that opens. There are several enemies waiting your arrival, so clear them out and continue forward. Be wary of traps, the Oldwalls are littered with them, and move forward cautiously. Interact with the switch in the middle of the floor to open up a large door on the right side of the corridor. This connects back to the stairs where you entered from.

Turn around from here and head back to the room where you just took on the last set of enemies. Continue to the next portion of the tunnels using the Foot symbol to the left. There is a switch you can activate here. Using it will open up a large set of doors in front of you. Head through them and clear out the enemies inside. Now move into the room to the northwest to take on another group of Bane.

With all the enemies in the immediate area cleared out, interact with the statue and basin on the northern wall to acquire the final Torchkey, the SaphirTorchkey. Use the SaphirTorchkey on the Oldwall Beacon in the next room to turn on a switch. Activate the switch to enable a set of stairs, and then move up the steps to the next level. There is a chest in the center of the additional level that contains another Keystone, the Heavy Keystone.

With only one Keystone left to find, head back through the tunnels to the room with the three Oldwall Beacons. Now that you have all of the Torchkeys you can activate it and open up the way to the final Keystone’s hiding place. We’ve included the key to the beacons below. The key below is based on left to right.


One all three beacons are activated, a door in the back of the room will open. Head through it and disarm the traps along the way. Continue through the corridor and around the corner to find another room. Inside the room you’ll find another wardrobe-like container which holds the final Keystone, the Bright Keystone. With all three Keystones in hand, head back to the main room on the first level and return each Keystone to its rightful place. This will raise the platform around the magic trap all the way to the top. Rest and heal up before you disable the trap around the spirit. Then, when you are ready, activate the switch in front of begin your next boss fight.

Focus your attacks on the boss until it spawns additional enemies from the Bane mirrors along the northwestern wall. Then focus on the smaller enemies as much as possible, as the Havoc spirit can heal itself by absorbing them. Once the enemy is dead, loot the body of the Regent to find the Steadfast Insignia. Head back out of the Oldwalls Breach to find a Disfavored commander named Tracosius waiting for you. Tell him about the Steadfast Insignia, then return to Graven Ashe at Iron Hearth to complete the quest and move on to the next part of your journey.

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