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Tyranny – The Battle of Echocall Crossing

by Prima Games Staff

After gaining Lantry as a companion in Taking the Outer Valley, it’s time to move on and capture Echocall Crossing. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about your first major battle in Tyranny.

Meet Antio at Echocall Crossing

After speaking with Iron Marshal Erenyos in the Disfavored Camp, make your way beyond the Scarlet Chorus’ Camp and up to Echocall Crossing. This is the final holdout between the forces of Kyros and Vendrien’s Well, which you must capture to dissolve Kyros’ edict. When you arrive you find Antio caught in an argument with Chorus member Bitter Quip. The best way to complete this part of the quest is to side with the Chorus, who will task you with attacking the bridge to the east.

Head east and attack the bridge to draw the attention of the Vendrien Guard. Once they have been distracted, the Scarlet Chorus will set up a rope bridge across the remaining pieces of the western bridge. Return to Bitter Quip to find that the rope bridge has been set up. You’ll then need to head over to the rope and cross it. However, you’ll only be able to do this if you pass an Athletics skill check.

Once across the river, you can either attack or scare away the Vendrien forces. After they are cleared out, head to the eastern bridge and pull the lever, allowing others to pass across without coming to harm. At this point you’ll need to return to Bitter Quip and Antio. Chat with them, and then the assault begins.

Secure the Village

Move back over the river via the bridge and up into the buildings. There are plenty of soldiers to fight here, so make sure you bring lots of potions and camping gear so you can rest your wounded party members. Fight you way through the village until it spirals around, back towards the south. Here you must fight a large battalion of soldiers. Once the first group is taken care of, continue down and up the stairs to your right. This will lead you to the leader of the village guard, Matani Sybil.

Taking on Matani and her forces is a bit more challenging than anything you have faced at this point in time. Make sure to rest your party before you attack, and divvy up your potions and healing items between all members of the party. Lantry is great for this battle, because of his healing spells, and Barik also provides a great way to divert the enemy’s attention and keep the Fatebinder and Verse alive to easily move in from behind and attack. Watch your party member’s health bars, and keep them all as healed as possible during this fight.

Once you have taken down all of Matani’s soldiers, confront the leader of the Vendrien Guard and make your dialogue choices. You’ll need to choose what happens to the village. You can either, save it and capture the people here. Or give everyone a chance to run and burn it to the ground. Decide which way you want things to play out, and then return to Ashe’s tent in the Disfavored Camp to speak with the Archons once more. The decisions that you make during the next conversation with the Archons will determine which faction, if any, you side with throughout the rest of the game. It will also determine whether Verse or Barik leave your party. Make your choices carefully, and remember to save before entering the tent, just in case you want to go back and change the outcome.

After the conversation you can either move on to our walkthrough for Assault on the Citadel, or return to our Tyranny guide for more tips, tricks, and pointers to help you conquer the Tiers.

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