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Triangle Strategy: How to Recruit Narve Oparyn

He's alright I guess

by Lucas White

Triangle Strategy is quite different from many other tactics games, in that the character roster is small. That means various functions, like certain types of magic or traversal, are often exclusive to one character. Narve, though, is an interesting recruit because he can use both healing and offensive magic out of the gate, making him super powerful. So, how do you recruit Narve Oparyn? Here’s how.

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Narve is one of the first characters you can unlock outside of the main story in Triangle Strategy. So that means you’ll be using the “Character Story” feature, which is simply a little story episode that will introduce a new character. If you meet the requirements, they’ll join you! Unfortunately, on your first run you can see neither the requirements nor the Conviction numbers you’ve built up.

This information is only so useful, but Narve requires 110 Morality and 275 Liberty. These can be built up both in and outside of battle doing various small actions such as spending money or Kudos, taking specific actions in battle or exploring the areas where you can wander and talk to people. If you’re playing New Game Plus, you can see all the relevant values, including what you’ll get when you make dialogue choices.

As long as you play the game thoroughly, it’ll be hard to miss recruiting Narve in Triangle Strategy. Once you can, you can access the Character Stories by pressing + at the Encampment when the UI is displayed.

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