Bungie keeps dropping clues that Trials of Osiris is returning to Destiny 2, which makes sense ... with, you know, Osiris returning and all. 

Season of Dawn is officially here and while it's still in its bare stages with much more trickling out through the weeks ahead, one aspect that Destiny 2 players are wondering about is Trials of Osiris with the return of the character in a big way. While the studio behind Destiny 2 has yet to confirm officially this event's return, they sure do seem to like hinting at it. 

Reddit and Twitter both have been on the case regarding the Trials with Twitter user 'GinsorKR' noticed that the upcoming update included two new text strings that notate Trials of Osiris by name. The responding thread included more clues: 

In case you're unaware of why this user is significant, Grinsor is a known dataminer and API user, as noted by 'Gman1230321' and other members of the Destiny 2 community. It's obvious that people want it, and Bungie has teased that fan-favorite aspects of Destiny 2 would be on the way in future updates. That, and there was a significant glitch found that also seems to support its impending arrival. 

A glitch in the Orbit screen found earlier this month showed off a placeholder that looked too much like Trials of Osiris for it to be a coincidence. It wasn't meant to be shared given the "Placeholder Text" above the Trials image, which can be seen in the clip below: 

Watch TRIALS PLACEHOLDER CARD IN MY GAME AT 46:00 from Grym_Games on www.twitch.tv d

Whether it will be our familiar Trials of Osiris or Saint-14 taking over remains to be seen, but it definitely looks like the Trials could be returning. For now, we wait, but Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is now available on all platforms.