Where is Saint-14 in The Tower – Destiny 2 Dawning 2019

If you're wondering, "Where is Saint-14 in The Tower?" this Dawning season, well, you're not alone. For better or for worse, he's gone walkabout.

If you’ve been trying to hand out cookies this Destiny 2 Dawning season and you think you might actually be missing a rather elusive, newly-returned NPC, then you’re not alone. Lots of Guardians have had one question on the mind, and no, we’re not talking about Amanda Holliday’s goodies. If you’ve been wondering where Saint-14 is in The Tower, join the rest of us. Here’s what we know so far about this particular Dawning issue.

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Where is Saint-14 in The Tower – Destiny 2 Dawning Hand-In

If you’ve been crashing through the merry task of bringing some of Destiny 2’s most iconic figures their favorite Christmas confectionery, then you may have hit the point where you’ve got to bring something tasty to Saint-14. We have it on good authority that he enjoys Lavender Ribbon Cookies, if you’re curious, and we also know what everyone else wants to munch on this Dawning. 

Unfortunately, in trying to make sure that Saint-14 gets his little treat, you may have run into a very bewildering problem: he’s just… not at The Tower. You might have sprinted all around, screamed his name for a little bit, or simply stared at where his weapon is sitting, seemingly sans owner. If the question on your lips is “Where is Saint-14 in The Tower?” then we have a pretty simple answer: he hasn’t spawned in yet. 

With the way that the Dawning staggers events, we reckon that he’s time-gated, which means that it might not be until next week that he pops right up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve rescued Saint-14 or not as part of the Season of Dawn’s storyline in terms of visibility right now; he’s just not there. It probably isn’t too extreme of a guess to assume that he’ll crack into things when Christmas and other festivities roll around, so just keep your eyes peeled and we bet he’s going to be where his weapon is now.

Now, while it isn’t the most satisfying answer with regards to where Saint-14 is in The Tower, it’s going to be the reality for now. We’ll update this when he actually makes it into this year’s Dawning festivities properly. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:

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