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Treasure Hunting Tips in Red Dead Redemption

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to find treasure in Red Dead Redemption for Xbox One. We’ll reveal locations and the types of treasure in the game. The more loot you grab, the more cash you’ll stuff into your pockets. Let’s begin!

Finding Treasure in Red Dead Redemption

First off, you can start a Treasure Hunter challenge after you take down a few bandits. A location will appear on the map, allowing you to track it down. From there, a new treasure will appear, and you’ll be able to run through all nine of them. The goal is to find an opportunity to be attacked by bandits (they’re everywhere, so remain on the lookout), and then kill them to get started.

Treasure Locations in Red Dead Redemption

Here’s a quick rundown on where you can find the first four treasures in the game. Along with the treasure, each will rank you up in Treasure Hunter, along with +50 Fame.

Treasure 1: Head east of the Cholla Springs and look for Rhodes Gold, which will appear to be a noose on the map. Picking it up will unlock Treasure 2, and so forth.

Treasure 2: Head to the southeastern corner of Rio Bravo at Del Lobo Rock to locate Jackson’s Gold.

Treasure 3: Head to the mansion in Tumbleweed and make your way into the basement, where Calhoun’s Gold is waiting.

Treasure 4: Go to the banks of the San Luis River to the northwest of Chuparosa and look for a tree with skulls next to it.

Treasure 5: Head to Crooked Toes just east of Escalera and look for the pile of rocks to find Brown’s Gold.

Treasure 6: Go to Ojo Del Diablo south of Chuparosa and look on the far left side of the huge rock arch, where Douglass’ Gold awaits.

Treasure 7: Look alongside the Cliffside just north of the Agave Niejo. There will be a path to take you to Garrison’s Gold.

Treasure 8: Find the large tree around Beechers Hope and look east. You should be near your ranch, and that’s where you’ll find Pickett’s Gold.

Treasure 9: Finally, head north of Manzanita and look for a small cave above the Tall Trees. You’ll be on a path that will take you to the last treasure, Stonewall’s Gold.

Good luck, and happy treasure hunting in Red Dead Redemption!

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