Tower of Fantasy: Wandering Servant Quest Guide

Alternate timeline shenanigans.

Tower of Fantasy Wandering Servant Quest

While finishing the main quest line of games is fun, clearing entire regions of their side quests, collectibles, and bosses is also exciting. In Tower of Fantasy, this comes in many forms, including specific side missions that provide progression in your Terminal Story journal.

If you’re trying to complete Navia, you may have already encountered Wandering Servant, a quest line starting on Cetus Island. If you’re having trouble with the quest, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide on finishing Wandering Servant in Tower of Fantasy.

Wandering Servant Quest Guide in Tower of Fantasy

There are four parts to the Wandering Servant questline. To get 100% completion towards the Story section of your Terminal, you must finish all four quests within this side story. Below are all the steps for completing the Wandering Servant quest in Tower of Fantasy:

Wandering Servant I

  1. Speak to Hanna in Cetus Island, Navia, to start the quest.
  2. Search for Distress Signals
  3. See the smart servant’s condition
  4. Reply to Hanna
  5. Back to the smart servant

Head to Cetus Island and speak to Hanna to start the quest line. She’ll tell you about a distress signal she received and if you can help her investigate the situation. You’ll have to head to the given location to search for distress signals.

Jump off the island and fly down towards the quest marker to start looking around. On the small island where the marker lands, you’ll find a few minor enemies and a Damaged Smart Servant in the water. You’ll find the servant at coordinates (-422.5, -927.6). Interact with it to progress with the quest.

After talking to the robot, head back up to Cetus Island and speak to Hanna. Hanna will tell you she’ll meet you at the robot’s location. Head back down to proceed with the mission. After finding her alongside the smart servant, she’ll tell you to speak to Slayer for updates. Upon hearing this, Wandering Servant I will conclude, leading into part two of the four-part series.

Wandering Servant II

  1. Find Slayer
  2. Father FF79 Alloy Lubricant x3
  3. Find Slayer

Transmit back up to Cetus Island again and speak to Slayer. You’ll find him near the back of the island, in front of a large tent. He’ll accept the request to help fix the robot. However, you’ll need to acquire three cans of FF79 Alloy Lubricant.

FF79 Alloy Lubricant is a vehicle maintenance item randomly dropping from mechs and password chests. You can also buy some from the Support Store for 50 points each. If you already have FF79 Alloy Lubricant, you’ll automatically find a second “Find Slayer” task, prompting you to give him the items.

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Shortly after, Slayer will inform you that the lubricant is not effective due to issues with time speeding up. You’ll have to speak to Claire to progress through the quest and figure out how to solve this problem. This next task marks the transition into the third part of the quest line.

Wandering Servant III

  1. Find Claire
  2. Wait for the doctor inside the lab
  3. Ask Claire
  4. View the chip

To begin this third part, head towards the quest marker to find Claire. She’ll ask you to visit her lab, where she’ll perform experiments. Go down the fountain into the hidden passage to enter Claire’s Lab.

Go deeper into the lab and approach Claire’s computers to enter an instance. You’ll find the damaged smart servant in a crate, with Claire nearby. After interacting with her, she’ll tell you about the abnormal rate of deterioration and the servant’s alternate timeline. After inspecting the nearby chip, you’ll find out more about the servant’s findings. This marks the end of Wandering Servant III, leading to the final part of the mission series.

Wandering Servant IV

  1. Find Claire

Exit the lab and speak to Claire nearby. She’ll tell you that the smart servant and its master are not supposed to be in the current timeline. However, she’ll also tell you that they never gave up trying and to inform her if you encounter anyone else experiencing this incident.

After this dialogue, you’ll finish the Tower of Fantasy Wandering Servant quest series, rewarding you with progress towards your Story journal in Navia.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out which SSR Weapon to Choose First and How to Get Carbonated Water.

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