Tower of Fantasy Claire's Dream Machine Minigame

Tower of Fantasy: Claire’s Dream Machine Minigame Explained

Immerse yourself in dreams!

As you advance through Tower of Fantasy’s main story and complete each chapter, you’ll unlock more bonus content to explore. In particular, as you progress through Chapter two and get closer to entering Chapter three, you’ll find yourself opening supply pods for items. Occasionally, you may encounter a blue hologram NPC. This hologram is known as Claire’s Dream Machine.

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While this may seem alarming initially, especially if you’re not expecting it, it’s a great opportunity to spend a few minutes getting useful rewards. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide on Claire’s Dream Machine minigame in Tower of Fantasy.

How Does Claire’s Dream Machine Minigame Work in Tower of Fantasy?

As you open supply pods and treasure chests, there is a chance you’ll find a blue hologram. It does not matter which region you’re in, as long as you’re unlocking treasure containers.

Upon interacting with it, you’ll find an NPC called “Claire’s Dream Machine”. She’ll ask you if you’d like to immerse yourself in a dream, which you can accept or decline.

If you choose to accept, you’ll teleport to a random minigame. While one dreamscape may appear as a 2D platforming game, another may spawn as a battle arena against numerous enemies or even a maze. There is no way to choose which minigame you appear in or increase your chances of getting a specific one. However, there are some aspects that every challenge has in common:

  • Every scenario has one primary objective, followed by bonus tasks that net additional rewards.
  • You’ll receive rewards upon completing each dream successfully.
  • Each challenge typically lasts between three to five minutes.

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The rewards you receive from the minigame vary. While some may give you Gold and Black Nucleus, others may reward you with equipment boxes or boosters.

By completing the dream successfully, you’ll automatically receive the main prize. From here, there are bonus objectives, such as finishing it within a certain time limit or defeating a specific number of enemies. Upon doing these extra tasks, you’ll receive additional rewards at the end of the dream.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out whether you can Change Gender in Tower of Fantasy and Where to Find Laver.

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