Tower of Fantasy: All Trophies Listed

The path to the Tower of Fantasy Platinum trophy

After initially launching on PC and mobile platforms in 2022, Tower of Fantasy has officially arrived on PlayStation consoles in August 2023. The new console version of the open world RPG also brings with it a list of trophies for players to complete on the way to the PlayStation Platinum trophy. Here is Tower of Fantasy’s full trophy list, including the rarity for each achievement.

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Tower of Fantasy Trophies

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Tower of Fantasy (Platinum Trophy)

Obtain all trophies

Utter Awakening III (Gold Trophy)

Own 15 6-star weapons

Ace Agent (Gold Trophy)

Complete 250 Bounty Missions.

Alliance Expert (Gold Trophy)

Clear Quarantine Zone – Difficulty 08

Time limit: 5 Minutes

Condition: No one’s HP can fall below 50% HP at any time

Raid Expert (Gold Trophy)

Obtain all raid achievements

City Angler (Gold Trophy)

Complete all alpha fish achievements

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Wilderness Expert (Gold Trophy)

Complete all plant, beast, seafood, and 100 types of flavors achievements

Mukbang Prospect (Gold Trophy)

Complete all Vera Chef, Mirroria Gourmand, Mirroria Sommelier, and Famous Seafood Chef achievements

Car Show (Silver Trophy)

Own 7 vehicles.

Walking Museum (Silver Trophy)

Own 20 Relics.

Grand Slam (Silver Trophy)

Own 8 SSR Relics.

Utter Awakening II (Silver Trophy)

Own 10 6-star weapons

Star General (Silver Trophy)

Reach the Star General rank in Apex League.

Elite Agent (Silver Trophy)

Complete 100 Bounty Missions.

Ruins Master (Silver Trophy)

Clear Ruins E-03 (Hard)

Arcade King (Silver Trophy)

Complete all minigame achievements

Tower Guardian (Silver Trophy)

Complete all Aesperia Boss and Vera Boss achievements 

Bygone Phantasm floor 300 (Silver Trophy)

Reach Bygone Phantasm floor 300

I’m Somebody (Bronze Trophy)

Reached Wanderer Lv.25

Deep Pocket (Bronze Trophy)

Obtain over 1,000,000 gold.

Utter Awakening I (Bronze Trophy)

Own 5 6-star weapons

Sergeant (Bronze Trophy)

Reach the Sergeant rank in Apex League.

Newbie Agent (Bronze Trophy)

Complete 20 Bounty Missions.

Ruins Expert (Bronze Trophy)

Clear Ruins E-03 (Normal)

Aesperia Traveler (Bronze Trophy)

Complete Mission (“Hykros”)

Vera Traveler (Bronze Trophy)

Complete Main Mission (“Following Up With Lin”)

In total, Tower of Fantasy includes 26 trophies packed with unique tasks, miscellaneous challenges, and mission completion requirements on the way to collecting the Platinum. For more trophy articles on Prima Games, check out the achievements for the newly released RPG, Baldur’s Gate III.

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