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Titanfall 2: Ronin Titan Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Ronin’s main weapon is the Leadwall Shotgun, a low range weapon with high damage output. The Leadwall will fire a horizontal blast capable of taking out pilots and a good portion of a Titan shield. While using Ronin, it is very important to stay mobile due to his low health.

You do not want to get caught in a shot-for-shot battle with Scorch or Legion, though Ronin is quick enough to avoid these encounters. A great strategy is to rush down an enemy Titan, shotgun them from the front, then Phase Dash behind them for another shotgun blast as they look for you. Ronin is the fastest Titan in Titanfall 2, so take advantage of that!

Titan Kit

Players who roll with Ronin have a difficult decision to make when it comes to selecting a Titan Kit. Because Ronin’s health is so low, Stealth Auto-Eject is a great choice. There will be a several occasions where an opposing Titan Core takes you out without warning, so a Stealth Auto-Eject can save you. By the same token, Nuclear Ejection pairs exceptionally well with Ronin.

You will mainly be fighting up close and personal with your opponents, which means your deaths are going to be very close to enemy Titans. A nice Nuclear blast is a wonderful parting gift to enemies who manage to get the best of you. However, if you are confident in your abilities to stay alive (or rapidly press X at the right time), there are some interesting options available to you.

Turbo Engine is a fantastic choice on Ronin, taking this already fast Titan to even greater heights. With three available dashes, you can run circles around a Scorch or Legion with zero. Advanced players should pick Turbo Engine and not look back, while Stealth Auto-Eject and Nuclear Ejection are great for players still learning the ropes of squishy Titan play.

Ronin Abilities

Sword Core: Increases melee damage and Sword Block resistance.

Sword Block: Reduces incoming damage.

Arc Wave: Slows down and damages enemies.

Phase Dash: Directional phase shift.

Ronin’s abilities are all about closing down enemy Titans to get them in range of your melee and shotgun. Phase Dash will have you disappear from view and reappear in the direction of your choosing, allowing you to get close to an enemy without risk of taking damage. Use Arc Wave to slow down an enemy Titan, then Phase Dash to keep them guessing. These two abilities should have you shotgunning and sword swiping your way to kills.

Ronin is a Titan where you really need to be aware of what Titan the enemy is using. You don’t want to get too close to a Scorch, while a Northstar is one you should be on top of constantly. Use Phase Dash to escape Scorch’s Flame Shield, and Arc Wave to pin down a Northstar. Legion’s Predator Cannon will melt you if you get caught in it, though its long spin-up time should provide ample opportunity to run away and reset.

Ronin Kit

Ricochet Rounds: Leadwall bullets bounce off walls.

Thunderstorm: Receive two Arc Wave charges.

Temporal Anomaly: Reduces Phase Dash cooldown.

Highlander: Titan kills extend duration of Sword Core.

Ronin has some interesting options in his kit, with Temporal Anomaly and Thunderstorm standing out as the stronger kits in Titanfall 2. Thunderstorm can change Ronin from being a lone wolf offensive Titan to a supporting teammate. Sending out two Arc Waves to a group of enemy Titans can pile on the damage quickly, and slow their movement down enough for your friendly Northstar or Legion to clean up from a safe distance.

Ronin and Scorch also make a devastating tag team, so be sure to keep enemies in place with your Arc Wave in order to assist Scorch with his area of effect attacks. Temporal Anomaly is a great option for solo players who want to stay on the move. Phase Dashing through someone is a great way to confuse an enemy.

Ricochet Rounds would’ve been great in the densely packed maps of Titanfall 1, but Titanfall 2’s wide open spaces make it a little unnecessary. Although, Black Water Canal is tight enough to give them a shot, so stay around a corner and blast your shotgun to take out unsuspecting enemies from a safe distance.

Highlander is an interesting choice, especially when paired with the Overcore. However, it is limited in that you have to wait for specific circumstances once your core is charged. The other three choices are much stronger and will impact your Titan the entire time it is in use, so we recommend going with one of those.

Now that you are caught up on Ronin, head over to our Titanfall 2 Guide Hub for guides on Ion, Northstar, and more!

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