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Titanfall 2 – How to Use Boosts

by Prima Games Staff

Burn Cards are gone from Titanfall 2, and Boosts are their replacement. Boosts offer similar rewards, though they are collected and activated in a different manner than Burn Cards. This article will cover how to use the Boost system and identify your favorite Boost in Titanfall 2!

How to Use Pilot Boosts

The first thing you have to do is select a Pilot Boost from the Identity menu. Boosts unlock at different levels and Amped Weapons is the only one available at the start of the game, though you will unlock a few more quickly as you level up. Once you have your Boost selected, head into a multiplayer match.

Boosts are tied directly to your Titan meter, you can activate them once your Titan Meter hits a certain percentage. For example, Amped Weapons can be activated once your Titan Meter hits 80% while the Smart Pistol will be activated at 60%. Yes, the Smart Pistol is a Boost now! Check out your HUD, the Boost will be displayed as a tick mark on the progress bar of your Titan Meter; you’ll always know how close you are to acquiring your Boost.

While the Titan Meter will fill up gradually over time, you can get your Boost quickly by using the same strategies to get your Titan quickly. Kills fill up your meter faster, same with capturing objectives. Also, the all new battery system in Titanfall 2 is a great way to build your meter, steal Titan batteries to get your boost fast!

Titanfall 2 Boosts

Now that you know the basics of Boosts in Titanfall 2, it’s time to find out which ones you want to use. There are 12 Boosts in Titanfall 2, each providing a unique advantage in multiple situations. Boosts are unlocked at different levels and most have a different activation cost. So keep that in mind when choosing your favorite. All Boosts can be unlocked for 125 credits each.

Amped Weapons

  • Purpose: Supercharge your primary and secondary weapons
  • Activation Cost : 80%
  • Unlock: Level 1

Amped Weapons is one of the strongest Boosts in the game, adding bonus damage to your primary and secondary. Feel free to use Amped Weapons with any playstyle and on any weapon (except for a sniper), because more damage means you will win more gunfights. The only downside here is a high activation cost of 80%.


  • Purpose: Enemy seeking explosive drones
  • Activation Cost: 65%
  • Unlock: Level 6

Ticks are underwhelming in Titanfall 2 and you probably have better choices for Boosts. You will receive two ticks per activation, so at least you will have plenty to go around. Our favorite way to use them is to drop them near the Bank while playing Bounty Hunt, spoiling enemy Pilots who think they have a clear shot at a deposit. Ticks have their uses in certain situations, but Amped Weapons is a much better early option.

Pilot Sentry

  • Purpose: Automated turret
  • Activation Cost: 72%
  • Unlock: Level 17

The Pilot Sentry is an automated turret that will shoot Pilots, Grunts, and Spectres, but not Titans. The Pilot Sentry only lasts for 30 seconds, so use wisely and plant it carefully. This turret is the best in objective based game modes like Amped Hardpoint, allowing you to lock down a lane while capturing elsewhere.

Map Hack

  • Purpose: Show enemies on the mini-map for your whole team.
  • Activation Cost: 70%
  • Unlock: Level 23

Map Hack is Titanfall’s answer to the UAV drones from Call of Duty, revealing enemy locations on your mini-map. Be a good teammate and run Map Hack, knowing enemy locations is a major advantage in just about every situation.

Battery Backup

  • Purpose: Get a free Titan Battery
  • Activation Cost: 80%
  • Unlock: Level 28

Battery Backup is a great option for lone wolves in Titan game modes. Don’t have any teammates helping you keep your Titan’s shield charged? No problem! Use Battery Backup to get a free Titan Battery, and drop it in your Titan when you call it down. Battery Backup is one of the stronger Boosts in Titanfall 2.

Radar Jammer

  • Purpose: Disable the enemy mini-map.
  • Activation Cost: 40%
  • Unlock: Level 31

Radar Jammer will be the most annoying Boost in the game, it completely disables the enemy mini-map. If you and a friend are feeling particularly dastardly, run Radar Jammer and Map Hack together. This combination will allow your team to plow through the helpless enemy in any game mode. With an activation of only 40%, Radar Jammer will be out early and often.

Titan Sentry

  • Purpose: Automated Titan turret
  • Activation Cost: 35%
  • Unlock: Level 34

The opposite of a Pilot Sentry, the aptly named Titan Sentry will only attack enemy Titans. The Titan Sentry isn’t powerful enough to take down a Titan on its own, but it is annoying. Set up a Titan Sentry then flank around or behind an enemy Titan to make it deal with two directions of fire, this should keep it distracted enough to not take your Hardpoint or bounty. At 35%, the Titan Sentry is one of the quicker Boosts in Titanfall 2.

Advocate Gift

  • Purpose: Activates a random Boost
  • Activation Cost: 36%
  • Unlock: Level 50

The Advocate gift is one of the more interesting Boosts in Titanfall 2, relying on complete randomness to be effective. Advocate Gift will give you a random Boost at only a 36% activation cost. If you pull an Amped Weapons or Map Hack, Advocate Gift will be the best Boost in the game. Of course, you might end up with a Tick.

Smart Pistol

  • Purpose: Auto locking pistol
  • Activation Cost: 60%
  • Unlock: Level 42

The Smart Pistol is back! Kind of. The Smart Pistol will replace your secondary, so this Boost will remove your ability to take down a Titan while it is in use. Similar to Titanfall 1, the Smart Pistol is the ultimate Grunt killer, making it a solid choice for the new Bounty Hunt mode.

Phase Rewind

  • Purpose: Rewind time like Tracer
  • Activation Cost: 25%
  • Unlock: Level 44

Phase Rewind is the best defensive Boost in Titanfall 2. Activate it to rewind time by a few seconds, taking you back to a previous position. Use Phase Rewind when you turn accidently turn a corner directly into an enemy Titan, or when you feel a shot or two in your back and can’t escape. The key to using Phase Rewind is to jump behind cover before engaging in a firefight, since Phase Rewind will throw you back behind cover once activated.

Hard Cover

  • Purpose: Pilot shield
  • Activation Cost: 20%
  • Unlock: Level 46

Hard Cover is a big shield that you can hide behind, making it perfect for objective based game modes. Keep in mind that the Hard Cover can only take so much damage, so don’t expect to take a Hardpoint with a Scorch Titan attacking you. With an activation of only 20%, Hard Cover is a great option for Pilots who like to mix it up in objective points.

Holo Pilot Nova

  • Purpose: Holographic decoys will pretend to be you
  • Activation Cost: 40%
  • Unlock: Level 50

Holo Pilot Nova is an extremely versatile Boost that can be effective in a wide variety of game modes. It will create copies of yourself that sprint out and act like Pilots, confusing your enemies and giving you an extra second or two to win a gunfight. According to Respawn, the decoys will even pretend to carry the flag if activated when you are the flag carrier! Because of this unique detail, Holo Pilot Nova is the best Boost for Capture the Flag in Titanfall 2.

Now that you have an idea on your favorite boosts, find out how to unlock them fast! Our guide hub has everything you need to know about Titanfall 2, including how to use the powerful Scorch Titan.

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