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Tips & Tricks for Starting Out in Deathloop

by Jesse Vitelli

Deathloop is the next big game from Arkane Lyon. It features a ton of that classic Arkane action and immersion that folks love from its games. However, Deathloop can be quite overwhelming when you first start out so here are some things you should do first in Deathlooop.

Tips & Tricks for Starting Out in Deathloop

Complete The Ubiquity Mission


After completing the first mission in the game (essentially the tutorial) you’ll be met with a character who we won’t name for spoiler reasons. They will tell you about Wenjie’s lab and Residuum.

Follow this lead first before doing anything else because it will unlock the ability to permanently infuse items to carry between loops.

Get A Silenced Weapon

Deathloop requires a lot of stealth play and having a weapon like the PSiker or a silenced Tribunal will go a long way. Luckily, Colt has a Spiekr lying in his apartment in Updaam you can grab almost immediately and infuse it.

You’ll want to snag that so you aren’t reliant on up-close melee kills as your only way early on to silently assassinate targets. 

Target Charlie Montague


Colt, the main character is quite squishy when it comes to taking damage, so you’ll need to play your first few loops carefully until you have a bigger arsenal. That’s why we recommend you go after some of the Visionaries first because they have unique powers and weapons that are great to start building up.

We recommend going after Charlie Montague first, who can be found in Updaam. He has the Shift power, which if you’ve played Dishonored you know is the Blink equivalent. This power lets you teleport a short distance and is great for sneaking around or reaching a high ledge. 

He also has a special Strelak 50-50 shotgun that is a powerhouse and something you’ll want to infuse with Residuum. 

Get Out With Residuum Don’t Play Risky


Early on in Deathloop, it is way more crucial to get out with your Residuum to infuse your gear than it is to try and risk it. Residuum lets you infuse strong weapons and Slabs you have to permanently keep between loops.

If you kill a Visionary or find a large stack of Residuum, focus on getting to the exit and infusing your gear over trying to play risky because it’s way more valuable to build up your arsenal of powers and trinkets.

You can’t take Residuum with you between loops so if you don’t use it you lose it. That’s why it’s so important to try and spend whatever you have to increase your survivability. 

Pay Attention To Character And Weapon Trinkets


You’ll be overloaded with information regarding everything in Deathloop up front, but one thing that can be swiftly forgotten about is the Character and Weapon Trinkets you can equip to Colt. Colt can carry four-character trinkets (like his double jump) and each weapon can have three trinkets. 

These Character Trinkets are super important because they can give you game-changing abilities like stronger melee, increased health regeneration, and even faster stealth kills

Weapon trinkets can give you buffs like faster reload, increased stability, and even apply damage over time effects to your enemies. These are things you’ll certainly want to pay attention to and infuse when you have the Residuum.

Plan Your days


Deathloop has a really great system for tracking your leads before going out each day. Check the Visionary Leads section of the board to see what threads you haven’t pulled on yet.

It keeps them in chronological order so you know how far you’ve progressed on the different Visionaries while also giving you a small description of each important note on them. 

This is a really easy way to figure out how you’re going to spend each of the four parts of the day. It even lets you know what time of day you need to be where when tracking down a specific lead. 

Well, those are some tips and tricks for starting out in Deathloop. For more guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.