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Tips & Tricks For Getting Started In Outriders

by Jesse Vitelli

Outriders releases on April 1 and plenty of new Outriders are going to join in to help save the human race. The game might be a bit more challenging than expected for some. We’re here to help with some tips & tricks for starting out in Outriders.

Tips & Tricks For Getting Started In Outriders 

Use Your Abilities!

In most games, you want to hold on to your abilities for a key moment or powerful enemies, but in Outriders, you want to break that habit. The cooldown on all of your skills is pretty low and most importantly your abilities will give you health back. 

Always fire off your abilities when you can to keep enemies at bay and your health full. Your abilities will vary based on your class. The four classes all play incredibly differently so how you use your abilities is up to your discretion, but make sure you’re using them often. 

Swap out your abilities to try new ones!

Outriders dole out abilities every few levels for your class. You can only have three active at a time so be sure to play around with what combination works for you. As stated above, these spells are your bread and butter and are part of the mechanics. They aren’t just a tool to complement the shooting guns part of the game. 

Mixing and matching your different skills can easily change everything around in your favor if you find a combination that ultimately destroys your foes. For instance, as the Pyromancer combining the Volcani Rounds skill which allows your bullets to ignite enemies and then once they are ignited using the Overheat ability which explodes all ignited enemies. The combinations are key to your survival.

 Play Around With the World Tier System. 

Outriders increases and decreases its difficulty using a system called World Tiers. The game will start you on World Tier 1 and gradually ramp up the Tiers to better you do without dying. If you eventually progress into a World Tier that is too difficult you can go into the menu, go to the map, click on the World Tiers section and turn it down.

The upside to playing on a higher World Tier is that you have a higher chance of gaining powerful rewards as well as increasing the Wearable Item level cap by 1 for each World Tier.

Playing around with what World Tier suits you best for the moment can be key to getting through tough sections. 

Take Cover.

I know this sounds silly in a third-person cover shooter. But I’m telling you for the love of god take cover. Enemies will absolutely rip you to shreds if you’re caught out in the open. Your best bet is to take over try to pick off enemies that have the high ground and then move to the next piece of cover. Use your abilities to gain a quick stun or kill to help move around the battlefield, but also make sure you’re moving to cover and not just running around.  

Well, those are just a few things to help you get started in Outriders. For more tips & tricks for the game be sure to check out Prima Games or the official Twitter and Facebook Pages. 


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