Today People Can Fly hosted a broadcast about the upcoming new update to Outriders that is called Outriders: New Horizon.

The free new update, which releases on November 16, 2021, brings long-requested features fans have been asking for. 

Outriders: New Horizon Brings Transmog, Reworked Expeditions & Improved Multiplayer Experience

Most notably is the rework of expeditions, the endgame activity. The activity is no longer timed and the rewards are not tied to have fast your completion time is, which means that more tank and support builds are viable. Previously, the best and most efficient way to complete the endgame of Outriders was to run through and complete it as fast as possible. 

Tiago, who hangs out at camp to offer you a small pool of gear, is now being reworked to offer players the ability to roll a randomly legendary item using pod resources.

On top of that, gear rewards have been adjusted accordingly to accommodate the removal of the timer. Rewards are now based on the difficulty you run the activity on rather than the speed at which you complete it. 

To accompany this rework, the New Horizon update will add four all-new expeditions to the pile.

  • The Molten Depths
  • The City of Nomads
  • The Marshal’s Complex
  • The Wellspring

This update will also be bringing along transmog to Outriders. This system allows you to equip to aesthetic of your favorite gear onto different pieces of gear. The new gear retains its better stat values but can take on the appearance of any gear of the same type. 

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Transmog will not have a cost with it so that you can change the appearance of anything free of charge. The game will catalog all of the gear you’ve collected and let you pull from it, without losing or dismantling the piece. 

If players hop into Outriders this week, they will receive a free Legendary drop.

The update also features improved multiplayer fixes for a more stable experience. 

Outriders also announced its first major expansion, Wordlslayer, which will launch in 2022.

What do you think of all of the Outriders stuff coming to the game this week? Let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter, Facebook, or leave us a comment down below!