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Tips for Playing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

by Prima Games Staff

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is quite the follow-up to the 2008 original, with an open world to explore, secrets to find, and plenty of threats to take on. But you’ll need to know your way around if you want to survive, so remember these Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst tips while playing the game.

Getting Around the City in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The first thing you’ll need to realize about this game is that the city is HUGE. You’ll explore every nook and cranny to find all the races and deliveries that need to be completed, as well as the main missions. Always take a look at your map when you get a chance, as you can easily see what’s close by and set up a waypoint so you can get there with ease.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t always have to follow the beaten path in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. A tool called Runner’s Vision will always show you the easiest way to your objective, whether it’s crossing a bridge or making your way up a nearby wall. However, that doesn’t mean you always need to follow it. The city’s so vast that there’s more than one way to travel. In fact, by finding shortcuts or ziplines to get from point to point, you can even shave off a few seconds during crucial events, like those races and deliveries.

However, keep one thing in mind when it comes to traveling in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – you are not invincible. Faith can still take heavy damage from greater heights, so make sure you do two things. First, watch how high you’re jumping up from. Unless you have a clearly marked brown pad to land comfortably on, the fall could kill you. Second, from medium ranged heights, you can soften the blow by hitting the left trigger RIGHT before you land. By doing this, you’ll conserve a little bit of energy and continue on your way without losing much momentum.

Fighting in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Next up is combat, as you’ll get into plenty of situations in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst that require Faith to use her fists. You won’t need to mess with guns this time around, as you mostly utilize punches and kicks.

In the early going, enemies are fairly easy, with mid-range guards that can be defeated with a few punches. However, as you continue they’ll become tougher, requiring you to quick-dodge their attacks (using the right trigger and a directional push on your analog stick) to “shift” and hit them from another angle. Sticking and moving is the best way to deal with one of these tough guys before you can knock them out for good.

When surrounded, there are two ways to deal with guards. First, you can use the Y button (or Triangle button) and the directional stick to use a kick to stagger them. You can hit them left or right into another guard, throwing them off balance, or you can even push them forward over a railing or through a window.

The other thing to do is run away. You don’t always have to fight, and sometimes taking a few blows can be dangerous to your health. Sprint away, and if you need to come back, make sure to replenish your Focus. That way, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go, and figure out a new plan when it comes to dealing with guards.

Don’t forget you can also hit and run in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. After doing a parkour move like a wall run, you can hit the X button (or the Square button) to quickly knock someone down without losing any of your momentum. In some situations, like the race or delivery events, this is crucial, as getting into a fight will cost you several seconds. You’ll be able to practice these moves in the start of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, so remember them well – and don’t slow down!

Use these Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst tips to easily move through the city and defeat enemies throughout the game.

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