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Tips for Playing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia

by Prima Games Staff

This feature provides tips for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia. We’ll tell you how to sneak around to earn lots of points, pickpocket and use guns if you prefer the louder approach.

The third and final entry in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series has arrived, and it takes you into the cold heart of Russia in 1918. In it you control Nikola Orelov, a stone-cold killer who wants nothing more than to flee the country. In order to do that, he must complete the final task of stealing an artifact from the Bolsheviks and keep both it and princess Anastasia safe from Templar forces.

Ubisoft presents AC Chronicles Russia from a side scrolling perspective, though most of the play tactics you’ve come to expect from previous Assassin’s Creed games apply. On that note, the below tips will ensure your survival.

Use Stealth for Greater Rewards

Chronicles Russia utilizes a system where you earn more points from being sneaky. In fact, the game measures performance across three categories: Silencer, Shadow and Assassin.

Silencer indicates you were never there to begin with by knocking out adversaries instead of killing them. Gamers who prefer stealth should consider this option, as it provides a great deal of points, which in turn can net you upgrades like a bigger pouch for bullets or additional health.

Next up is Shadow. This requires stealth, where you won’t alert any guards or even approach these characters. There are sections where this can be quite difficult, but there are higher points as a result. If you’re an AC veteran, this is the best way to go.

Finally, there’s Assassin. You can kill whomever you please, either using your close-range weapons or rifle (ideal if you’re trying to clear a guard station) and you won’t get too penalized for it. Keep in mind there are sections of the game where you’ll have to be a little discreet with your kills, as one detection could easily shut down the base, forcing you to start over again. This option will earn you the least amount of points.


There are moments in the game where you’ll have to pick a guard’s pocket in order to obtain a certain item (such as a key) to move forward. It may look like you’re headed for trouble if you see guards talking to one another, but the thing you’ll want to make note of are watch cones.

Watch cones are ranged areas surrounding a guard, provided you a look at their field of vision. If you enter it they’ll first become suspicious (the cone turns yellow) and then pursue you (the cone turns red). You’ll have a second or two to avoid this range, so try to get out of it as soon as you can.

Most of the time the guards will be too busy talking to notice you, and you won’t see any cone ranges around them. If that’s the case, simply ease over (slowly – don’t run or they will notice you) and hold down the button to steal something from them. They probably won’t even know you were there.

If you prefer – or you want to get bloody – kill the two guards and then search their bodies for the items you need. Hide the bodies afterwards. Otherwise a patrol might get nervous and you could find yourself in hot water. Don’t worry. There are plenty of places to dispose of a corpse

Using Weapons

The rifle makes noise when fired, so make sure you’re clear of guards in your section before considering it. Once you do, line up your shot (the head is usually a best bet) and take out your target. Be sure to watch out for two things – your ammo count and guards in the vicinity, as they’ll investigate where the bullet came from.

There are occasional sniper sections where you can shoot enemies from across a clearing. These are optional, but they provide a little bit of breathing room if there are multiple patrols. If you shoot and miss, guards will be alerted to your position.

Finally, if you come across a sniper section during one of the required stealth missions, don’t shoot anyone. The base will shut down and you’ll need to start over again. Instead, shoot at something nearby to distract these enemies. The bullet will bounce off and produce an echo that will preoccupy them long enough for you to sneak past or silently take these guys down. Hitting the wall below their positions can do the trick, or a container they are next to.

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