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Tips and Tricks to Survive Killer Klowns From Outer Space

A few tips can help stave off the Klownpocalypse!

Even if you have experience playing games such as Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th, your first game in Killer Klowns From Outer Space reveals an entirely different beast altogether. If you intend to survive the Klownpocalypse or bring about the end of the world in Crescent Cove, then you’ll need a few useful Killer Klowns From Outer Space tips and tricks!

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Best Tips to Survive in Killer Klowns From Outer Space

How to Kill Klowns

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As a Human player, it is entirely possible to kill Klowns. Unfortunately, unlike survivors, Klowns respawn after a short period. Humans won’t without player intervention.

In any case, to successfully kill a Klown and buy yourself time to activate an escape route, you must work together. It’s entirely possible to solo a Klown, so long as there is only one, but it’s more challenging. If you can pair up or, better yet, gather a trio to attack a single Klown, you’ll win each encounter. As a Human, you’ll likely wind up with a melee weapon, which breaks after a few hits. If you’re lucky enough to find a firearm, then use it!

But don’t hang around for reinforcements, as Klowns can leap across the map.

How to Escape

Killer Klowns Escape Routes
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Every map in Killer Klowns From Outer Space features four escape routes, with the Terenzi Brothers occasionally making a last-ditch effort by smashing through a gate in their ice cream truck.

When you first load into a match, take a second to open the leaderboard with ‘Tab’ to check your escape routes. They won’t display on the map; you still must find your way to each one. However, they’ll indicate precisely what you require in order to successfully escape from each. Most require spark plugs, a gas canister, or a keycard.

How to Revive Players

There’s a single powerful tool on each map capable of reviving the entire team of dead Human players: the Resurrection Machine. This single-use device brings the entire cadre of survivors back into the fight against the Klowns.

To use the Resurrection Machine, you must first find the machine. When it becomes active, the machine spawns a blue beacon of light that shoots into the sky. Keep an eye upwards!

It becomes active after the first Human dies during a match. Once active, any surviving Human can use the machine without any unique items necessary to revive the team. It’s best to use it for multiple players, not a single player, as the Resurrection Machine can’t be used more than once.

How to Heal

Killer Klowns Energy Drink
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A big part of the gameplay loop in Killer Klowns From Outer Space, specifically for Humans, is to scour the map in search of not only the exits but various useful supplies. You can find items by opening crates scattered about the map, usually lying on the ground, and sometimes your dead teammates will gift you items in a pinch.

You can replenish your energy with popsicles and energy drinks, but if you want to heal fully, you’ll need to track down a Burger or First Aid Kid. Both will heal you, though the latter is far better.

As you learn the game’s mechanics and start to grasp how each class and team plays, you’ll find yourself making sweet plays and taking the win. But don’t forget to rescue your fellow Humans from the clutches of the Klowns!

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