So, you've just gotten the news that you're looking at potentially only having 48 hours left to make the most of the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. Tough luck! You're going to want to have your head screwed on straight if you want to blast through all the achievements and challenges that the season has left in its dying gasps, so check out this guide on the Timber Tent Fortnite dance challenge location if you're a bit stumped on where to complete this. 

Timber Tent Fortnite Dance Challenge Location

There have been a number of dance challenges to be completed over the course of Fortnite's storied existence. Previously, players were tasked with dancing at locations like Lockie's Lighthouse, the Weather Station and more. Now, however, you're going to need to dance at the Timber Tent to complete the Trick Shot challenge before the season is up. 

For those who aren't sure where the Timber Tent is, you're going to want to make a beeline for Holly Hedges. It's just to the upper portion of the map if you're starting out from Holly Hedges, and it'll look a little bit like a glade that's got some logs lying around for those who are tired from making the trek there. All you have to do is situate yourself in the middle of this clearing and dance to complete that portion of the challenge. If you don't notice a tent smack dab in the middle of this glade bordered by a body of water then you're in the wrong place, so keep scouring until you reach that particular point. 

We aren't quite sure what this dance challenge really has to do with anything that's coming up in the next season of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, but hey, does anyone really know what's going on after all those wild leaks? Probably not. At least now you've got the Timber Tent Fortnite dance challenge location in hand so you can tick something off your bucket list. Need a hand with anything else in Fortnite? Why not check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together for your convenience?