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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Black Screen Glitch Explained

Official workarounds ahead of fixes

by Lucas White

Since Theatrhythm Final Bar Line launched, some players have been experiencing some pretty major bugs. What started as a “black screen error” seems to have evolved into a matter of save file corruption, which is never fun. So if you’re playing Final Bar Line and you’re running into the game loading into a black screen, all I can say for now is “RIP.” But if you haven’t lost your save yet and are worried about it, here’s what we know and how you can potentially avoid the problem ahead of fixes.

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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Black Screen Glitch Explained

After a few days, Square Enix has responded to the issue, with social media communication identifying what the developers believe are causing the glitches. The save corruption bug seems to have something to do with summonstones, especially deleting them. Square Enix recommends, after making any summonstone related changes to your inventory or ProfiCard, playing a song all the way to the end and making sure you see the “saved” message before closing Final Bar Line or putting your console to sleep.

Check the replies for more details!

The other issue seems to be affecting players who haven’t purchased any DLC songs. To avoid this issue, Square Enix suggests making sure to keep your cursor off any DLC songs you don’t have when navigating away from the Music Stage selection screen. Browsing the song won’t trigger the glitch, but make sure to point your cursor on a song you can access before closing the menu.

For now, these two tips are your best bets for keeping your save file uncorrupted. The best part of this is that Square Enix is already on the case, and updates should be coming through as soon as they’re done. In the meantime, make sure you’re aware of what you’re doing with summonstones. And as far as the DLC goes, not having the SaGa DLC is a mistake anyway, you feel me?

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