The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: All Playable Characters Listed

Every Victim and Family member featured in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has officially slashed its way onto PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 18, 2023. Based on the popular film series, the newly released asymmetrical horror multiplayer from Sumo Digital and Gun Interactive pits four “Victims” against three “Family members” in tense, gory multiplayer matches of hide and seek. Here is the full list of playable characters featured in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at launch, including the game’s character biographies and stats.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victims


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Character Bio: “Connie comes from a life on the farm where she never shied away from the work that went along with it. While not quite what you’d imagine a tomboy to be, Connie relishes in being the type of person that will surprise you with her skills. High Proficiency means she’s crafty, intelligent, and ingenuitive. A natural tinkerer, her skills are more surgical than strong arm, and her Focused ability can crack a lock in an instant.”

Best Stat: Proficiency


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Character Bio: “While Leland might have wrestled in high school, college life is a long way from high school and his glory days of wrestling. He is the strongest of the group, but Strength is no replacement for actual Toughness and comes at the cost of Stealth. Equipped with the Life Saver ability, he is still no match one on one against the likes of the Slaughter Family and therefore his capabilities benefit from teamwork with his peers.”

Best Stat: Strength


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Character Bio: “Ana is fiercely motivated by the disappearance of her sister and a natural leader to the group. Determination and sheer willpower are her strongest suits, and she’ll need every ounce of her resilience to endure. Her Toughness rating is the highest of the Victims, a direct reflection of her strengthened resolve. Her ability, appropriately named Pain is Nothing, reduces incoming damage from attacks and falls. It also grants immunity to the effects of poison.”

Best Stat: Toughness


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Character Bio: “Sonny might have a slightly smaller frame, but he more than makes up for that with his intellect. He’s not only book smart, he’s quick on his feet and quick with his decisions. Perceptive and exceptionally situationally aware, Sonny will need to rely on his intelligence to survive, and his friends would be wise to reap the benefits of his abilities. His Heightened Sense ability helps him tune into the surroundings and detect noises made by anyone nearby.”

Best Stats: Endurance & Strength


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Character Bio: “Julie is a Southern California native with a sand, surf, and sport lifestyle. Whether or not she’s prepared for the stress and strain of this experience that requires a different type of endurance remains to be seen. Will her physical fitness be enough to carry her through? The Ultimate Escape ability will definitely help by temporarily reducing stamina drain and making her harder to track, giving her a chance at a mad dash for safety.”

Best Stat: Stealth

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Family Members


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Character Bio: “The butcher of the Family, Leatherface is the most brutal of the group. While he fills a variety of roles around the house, there’s one he’s particularly proficient at. We think it’s clear what that is. His Maim Ability is simple, he wields the weapon of dismemberment, the chain saw. What he lacks in maneuverability he makes up for with brute strength, able to saw and bash through bolted doors and blockades in his pursuit of the Victims. Stacked with high Endurance as well as the highest mark for Savagery, Leatherface is a powerful force the Victims would do well to avoid.”

Best Stat: Savagery

The Cook

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Character Bio: “The Old Man, The Cook. He might say he ‘don’t take much pleasure in killing’ but he does just fine when needed. He’s the owner of the gas station and the order of the household, what little order there is, and knows every inch of these places. One board creaks and he can pin down its location. Equipped with his weapon of choice, a broken broom handle, and his Seek Ability that lets him tune in to every sound and track down those Victims. Savagery and Harvesting marks are understandably higher than his Endurance, which is by far the lowest among the Family.”

Best Stat: Savagery

The Hitchhiker

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Character Bio: “The Hitchhiker is wiry, greasy, and downright feral. He’s an expert artist of the macabre, known to craft items from bone and teeth. His Trap ability is a dark extension of that farmland ingenuity where nothing is left to waste, visually represented as snares made of ribs and string. His slim frame allows him to navigate gaps and crawl spaces quickly, making it difficult to escape his pursuit. Hiding, or utilizing environmental obstacles is a must if he’s on your trail.”

Best Stat: Endurance


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Character Bio: Raised by Black Nancy and the closest thing to a true serial killer the Family has, Johnny is a predator, in every sense. He uses his strength to stalk and overpower anyone he sees as weaker than him, which in his mind is everyone. His Hunt Ability allows him to see fresh tracks and follow the trail of his Victims. Harvesting is fine, but he will never let that get in the way of pure Savagery, which is exactly what he relishes in. In a Family full of unpredictable maniacs, Johnny is the most unpredictable of all, often clashing with the clan when his base instincts are impossible to ignore.

Best Stats: Savagery & Endurance


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Character Bio: A drifter and a product of the hazy, drug fueled era, Sissy is extremely-enigmatic, even for this group. Having spun out of numerous cults, including Spahn Ranch, Sissy utilized her wiles to make her way back to Texas, leaving a blood trail in her wake. Demented and unstable, Sissy’s turbulent past has only further fed her tendencies. Somewhere in her travels, she’s picked up strange organic skills and her poisonous Bane Ability is the deadly result of that. Do not let her lower Savagery rating fool you, she is every bit as dangerous as the rest of the Family, albeit in different ways.

Best Stat: Blood Harvesting

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