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The Sims 4 Growing Together: All Confirmed Items and Features

Gone are the days of spamming the same social buttons over and over

by Madison Benson
The Sims 4 Growing Together All Confirmed Items and Features

Every year since The Sims 4’s release, new expansions and game packs have been released, introducing things like cats and dogs, seasons and tons of new worlds. Each one complements its own theme with new skills, households, and socialization options. Growing Together brings the theme of familial socialization to the next level, especially with the free Infant update released just days prior. A recent live stream highlights this further, showing off tons of gameplay details, the pack’s world and other important tidbits of info. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive guide of every confirmed item and feature added to the Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack.

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All Confirmed Items and Features Coming to The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack

With every new expansion comes new skills, neighborhoods and households to occupy them. You’ll often find new aspirations, careers and other perks fitting for the pack. The Growing Together expansion is no exception, and it is a central focus on improving social dynamics between your Sims.

With that said, let’s get into the list!

Major Additions

The theme of the Growing Together expansion pack is improving family and multi-generational social dynamics, which we see through various activities and support for the Infant update. However, like any expansion, we also see a new world, among other features, that we’ll talk about more below:

  • A new world, San Sequoia, featuring three neighborhoods and a dozen lots
  • Revamped social system, including support for the Infant update and multi-generational activities
  • Unique traits for all Sims
  • Addition of milestones that Sims in all life stages can accomplish
  • Introduction of family dynamics, changes to household relationships and Sim compatibility
  • New sections in the mean, friendly, funny and romantic conversation categories
  • Improved relationship dynamics outside the family, including temporary house visitors and workplace rivals
  • Three social events: Baby Showers, Family Reunions and Slumber Parties

While some of these relate to and work with the Infants update, most of the social improvements are exclusive to the expansion pack!

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The Sims 4 Growing Together Furniture Items
Image via the Sims 4 Growing Together store page

The Growing Together expansion features nearly 200 additional furniture items, ranging from small decorative items to skilling furniture.

  • Interactive Treehouse that you can build with multiple Sims
  • New bookshelves, dressers and beds for children
  • Playpens, changing stations and cribs for infants
  • Numerous toys of various sizes
  • Bathroom accessories and furniture, including a sink, shower and toddler toilets
  • Nearly 20 additional windows and several door designs
  • Six new bicycles
  • Backpacks, luggage and storage chests
  • Miscellaneous light fixtures, rugs, curtains and other accessories
  • New wallpapers and floor designs

While not included in the list, you can also get the Prime of Childhood Swing Set, Lil’ Whalebert Toddler Slide and the PowerWalk Companion if you pre-order the expansion by April 27, 2023.

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The Sims 4 Growing Together CAS
Image via the Sims 4 Growing Together store page

With the addition of the Infants update, many items introduced into this pack include new clothes and accessories for this life stage. Despite this, of the almost 200 options available, there is plenty for children, teenagers and adults as well, with examples listed below:

  • Four new child aspirations: Playtime Captain, Creative Genius, Mind and Body and Slumber Party Animal
  • Additions to likes and dislikes: Sim Characteristics and Conversation Topics
  • Two baby carriers that adults can wear
  • A dozen infant onesies and variations
  • Over 50 variations of freckles, moles and age spots for different life stages
  • Several new hairstyles for all life stages
  • Accessories like charm bracelets and necklaces to infant sunglasses
  • Dozens of shirts, jackets, pants and full-body outfits for all ages
  • Hats, headscarves and earrings for adults

These are all confirmed features so far that the Growing Together expansion pack will add to The Sims 4 on March 16, 2023, just two days after the free Infants update releases!

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 through the official website. If you’d like to learn more about the game, check out When The Sims 4 Infants Update is Coming Out!

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