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The Outer Worlds Endings Guide – How to Get The Different Endings

by Ginny Woo

There’s a number of different endings in The Outer Worlds, as we would expect from any RPG worth its salt. At this point in time, there’s three currently that we know of: a good ending, a bad one, and one that’s a little bizarre. If you’re lost, don’t worry. Clear spoilers ahead, of course, but check out our Outer Worlds endings guide if you want to know what you need to do to get the outcome that you want.

Outer Worlds Endings Guide – The Bad Ending

We’re calling this one the bad ending, but what we really mean is that it’s the pro-corporation ending. Essentially, you’ll remember that good ol’ Phineas (which everyone has been after) who saved you, is wanted by the Board. The pro-corporate ending essentially involves turning him in at various points when prompted to. Not doing this early on isn’t a problem, so long as you commit yourself to actually siding with the Board during the large course of the game. 

Essentially, when you start helping the Board, they will have the opportunity to snag Phineas. You’ll head to Tartarus ostensibly on behalf of the Board, and you’ll have to take down a bunch of prisoners which he’ll have freed as part of his usual chaos. The prisoners will also have killed Chairman Rockwell, and you’re going to end up at a scene where the choices you make will impact whether or not you have to fight a giant robot. To avoid facing down a mech, you’re going to need:

  • Persuade at 100 or Persuade and Medical at 85
  • Intimidate and Handguns at 85 or Intimidate at 100

If you meet the above checks, then Phineas will take his own life, leading to the corporations running amok as per their original intentions when it came to taking care of Halcyon. If you fail the above checks, the eventual outcome will be the same except you’ll have to kill a robot and save Sophia Akande. 

Outer Worlds Endings Guide – The Good Ending

We’re calling this one the good ending, but our standard disclaimer applies: this is the one where you’re not rooting for the imperialist-lite capitalists, but instead for the chance for you and the commonfolk to have a life that isn’t under the yoke of forced labor. To get this Good ending, you essentially have to stay on Team Phineas the whole way through. When he tells you to help him take down the board on Tartarus, you just have to say “yes, sir” and go along with it. 

Here, compared to the Bad ending, you’ll fight down Board goons and then have the choice to either kill or spare Chairman Rockwell once you get to him. Just like in pursuit of the Bad ending, there’ll also be a bit where you’ll have to fight down a giant robot or roll to avoid it. If you want to roll to avoid it, you’ll need:

  • Lie at 100 or Persuade and Science at 85
  • Intimidate at 100 or Lie and Hack at 85

Essentially, if you have those skill values, then you’ll be able to convince Sophia that you’ve hacked the system and that you could kill her. She’ll get lost, and then you’ll be able to see Phineas’ doctrine through to the very end. If you fail the checks, then you’ll have to kill the robot but the end outcome will be the same and you’ll be part of bringing about a new world order free from the yoke of industrialist overlords. 

Outer Worlds Endings Guide – Alternate Ending

This one is, well, probably the worst outcome? It will involve skipping your ship in the quest called Kept Secret But Not Forgotten. If you’re stubborn enough, and Dumb enough (literally, you have to be an idiot in-game to have this), you can insist that you skip the ship yourself instead of getting ADA to do it. If you pick this option, then you end it all in a blazing ball of flame when you skip the ship into the sun. Cool!

Now that you’ve got our Outer Worlds endings guide, you’ll be able to sus out how to leave the world a better place than the way you found it, so long as you have the right skills in your tree leveled up. Need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds? Check out these other guides:

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