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 The Best PvP Build for Hydreigon in Pokemon GO (2023)

Which head would Hydreigon Bite with?

by Daphne Fama

Look, here’s an immutable fact. Dragons are the coolest thing to have ever come out of a human brain, ever. And it makes total sense that you’d want to bring a dragon with three heads into every Pokemon GO encounter possible. Here’s the best PvP build for Hydreigon in Pokemon GO for 2023.

 The Best PvP Build for Hydreigon in Pokemon GO (2023)

Dragon simpage aside, Hydreigon is actually a pretty decent Pokemon to bring into the Great Leagues, keeping pace with Pokemon like Shadow Gyarados and Shadow Gardevoir. And it’s the Great Leagues where this Dark and Dragon-Type Pokemon excels.

Hydreigon is defined by three positive traits: it’s quick, it’s flexible, and it has excellent Fast Move pressure. Where its weakness start to show is its low defensive stats and its significant array of weakness. Most notably to Dragon and Fairy-Type moves, which you’re more than likely to encounter in the Great Leagues.

Here are the moves to consider to Hydreigon.

Best Fast Moves for Hydreigon in Pokemon GO

There are two moves to consider: Dragon Breath and Bite. Dragon Breath will allow for more flexibility and is more multipurpose. But if your goal is to get in as much damage before Hydreigon is taken down, then the answer is Bite.

Best Charged Moves for Hydreigon in Pokemon GO

For Charged Moves, you’ll have the choices of Brutal Swing (which is exclusive to Elite TMs), Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, and Flash Cannon.

Brutal Swing is ideal for Hydreigon generally, but because it’s a move that not everyone will have access to, Flash Cannon is ideal. Flash Cannon offers the highest amount of damage (110) at the cost of 70 energy. But its power lies in the fact that it essentially offers Hydreigon far more coverage, allowing it to counter two of its most prominent weaknesses, Fairy and Dragon.

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 If you’re thinking of building your team around Hydreigon, consider Pelipper, Medicham, Swampert (Shadow), and Dragonair or Dragonite (Shadow). These Pokemon all have fantastic synergy and will offer Hydregion the best support.

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