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Palworld may have a rather niche modding scene as of writing, but that hasn’t stopped certain mods from seeming immensely useful. Here are the best Palworld mods to install.

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The Most Useful Mods for Palworld

Palworld Petting Pal
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Before we begin, you should know that the Game Pass version of Palworld has had some inconsistent success when it comes to mods working or not. Your mileage may vary, but as a safety measure, be sure to back up your save games so they aren’t lost if things go seriously wrong. With that covered, onto the first mod for this list.

MTFBWY-Palworld by Glumboi

Palworld runs solid enough on its own, but you might want to squeeze out every bit of performance you possibly can. That’s where this fix comes in, designed to improve performance on Unreal Engine 4/5 games (the engine Palworld runs on). You will need to get the base tool for this mod to work, but anything is worthwhile for a nice performance boost.

Remove Flying Stamina Cost by Vuxacha

Let’s be honest, if you’re riding on the back of your Pal, you likely aren’t using much of your energy. That’s where this mod comes to the rescue, which removes the stamina drain when flying on your Pal entirely. If you want to simply reduce the stamina drain rather than remove it entirely, the game’s stamina settings can do that for you.

Carry Weight Increase by Vuxacha

Are you starting a new world and don’t want to deal with that dreaded 300 carry weight? Carry Weight Increase will up the base weight value of your character up to 1000, with 250 weight given for every level up. This does trivialize taking that skill in the early game, but the added quality of life might be worth it for you.

Toggle HUD Mod by Cxve

Have you come across a massive vista that would be the perfect moment for a screenshot? This mod will let you turn off the HUD entirely so that screenshots can be free of annoying clutter. As someone who writes about games, this mod is immensely useful since it lets those screenshots be unimpeded by useless visual clutter.

Game Tweaks by yakuzadeso

For the final mod on this list, we have a mod that can seriously impact how your world functions. Alongside all the parameters you can already change, this adds the ability to modify rare Pal spawn rate, stamina for various modes like flying, hunger, and more. It’s a nice mod for those of you who like the nitty gritty, so is well worth it.

If you’re looking for more help with tweaking the nitty gritty in the game, check out our guide on how to make a multiplayer server in Palworld.

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