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The Best Magic Candies and Crystal Jams in Cookie Run Kingdom

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Out of the twenty-plus characters in Cookie Run Kingdom that are lucky enough to have enhanced abilities unlocked through magic candies and crystal jams, these are some of the best choices for players to focus on and grind toward.

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The Greatest Magic Candies and Crystal Jams in Cookie Run Kingdom

Players need to understand that farming magic candies and crystal jams requires a lot of time and effort, and using those resources efficiently is the greatest priority. Both enhancement items are basically the same thing with the only few differences being rarity, farming difficulty, expenses required, and variations available—with the crystal jams being the hardest to obtain and level up. Players can use these items to upgrade a cookie’s ability, transforming it into something much stronger or entirely different, and then can use the item again to level up the new skill.

However, only a few cookies within the game actually possess the feature to upgrade their skills with these items. There are only twenty-seven characters in Cookie Run Kingdom that feature an enhanced ability that players can upgrade. While this does seem like not that much, it can take weeks to get a character’s enhanced ability to level twenty because of how hard it is to farm these items—which is exactly why it’s important to prioritize the right cookie. The best choice is determined by how strong that character is with its enhanced ability in the current meta. Here are the best suggestions right now.

Frost Queen Cookie’s Crystal Jam

It’s without a doubt that Frost Queen Cookie’s enhanced ability has made the character overpowered. The cookie has always been a great contender for meta builds because of her ability to dish out tons of damage in short bursts. But with the crystal jam enhancement, Frost Queen Cookie can easily obliterate and freeze almost anything in her path. The fact that she can greatly debuff enemies, freeze opponents, and increase ice-type damage output for her entire party makes Frost Queen Cookie one of the strongest characters in Cookie Run Kingdom alone.

Black Pearl Cookie’s Crystal Jam

While Black Pearl Cookie’s enhanced ability isn’t as strong as Frost Queen Cookie’s, it’s definitely a late-game, must-have for any player. Her upgraded ability reduces the enemy’s attack damage and allows allies to bypass damage resistance by fifteen percent, shredding apart opposing forces. This ability effect is made much stronger at max level with the character being able to bypass damage resist by twenty-five percent, considerably weakening an enemy’s entire front line.

Financier Cookie’s Magic Candy

Ever since Cookie Run Kingdom introduced Financier Cookie’s enhanced ability, she’s been one of the most widely-used defense-type characters in the game. Her upgraded ability allows her to buff the highest-attacking ally with a damage and crit hit resist buff, and a fifteen-second debuff immunity boost, making that affected character extremely durable. Not only that though, but she can heal the entire team, adding to her usefulness as an essential character across practically every build out there. Financier Cookie works well with most current meta teams, but she’s primarily used with Creme Brulee Cookie.

Parfait Cookie’s Magic Candy

Parfait Cookie has always been a decent support, but her enhanced ability elevates her potential. Not only can she effectively heal an entire team over time, but any overhealing done on an ally immediately turns into an HP shield. She also provides debuff immunity, allowing her to restore allies without any significant interruption. Parfait Cookie performs great anywhere, but she’s terrific on some of the harder stages and difficulty levels in Cookie Run Kingdom’s World Exploration mode due to her healing and debuff immunity.

Cream Puff Cookie’s Magic Candy

There aren’t a lot of support-type characters that can heal as much as Cream Puff Cookie. The character’s upgraded ability amplifies crit chance and attack damage and provides a stun immunity buff, which makes her perfect for a variety of team compositions across PvE. Additionally, Cream Puff Cookie’s healing scales with attack stats, proving her to be much more effective at restoring health across the board. She’s the perfect support for any team, especially for newer players in need of a great healer.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best choices for upgrading magic candies and crystal jams in the current meta of Cookie Run Kingdom version 5.4. Of course, everything in this game is up to personal preference, so don’t let this guide dissuade you from experimenting with characters you love or are intrigued about. These suggestions are purely made off of the strongest meta builds right now. In case the meta shifts and new updates come out with better magic candies and crystal jams, we’ll endeavor to update this guide.

But for now, that’s all there is to it. Check out our other guides on the best toppings for charactersthe strongest cookies across each type, and the rarest ones available.

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