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The Best Genius Invokation TCG Cards You Should Be Using in Genshin Impact

Sometimes the meta just slaves us

by Patrick Souza
Best Genius Invokation TCG Cards to use featured

With over 100 different cards in the game, it can be confusing to create a good, powerful Genius Invokation TCG deck at first. You can definitely get far using only your starter deck, but even NPCs will start to bulk up as you get by. And since the own game incentives you to build new strategies, you should get that started as soon as you can.

Amidst the many options the Genshin Impact card game gives you, we’ll be presenting you with the best Action Cards you should immediately use in your deck, as well as the best Character Cards to be a reliable frontline to guide you through victory. You can get them by buying from Prince in the Cat’s Tail bar or by challenging characters all around the map.

The Best Action Cards in Genius Invokation TCG

These are your bread and butter for basically every deck. Those staples are usually so good that unless they get nerfed in the future, you’re probably at a great disadvantage if not running some of them in your deck. But why wouldn’t you? Those cards are awesome.

5 – Paimon

Best TCG Cards Paimon
Screenshot by Prima Games

Big Paimon will allow you up to 10 energy during two turns, which can set up some nasty combos. Don’t sleep on that card, and clear those Manual challenges as soon as possible to get your two copies of it. 

4 – Liu Su

Extra energy can never be enough, and being able to instantly use your Burst as soon as you swap to a new character is huge.

3 – Leave It To Me!

Quickswaps are incredibly valuable in the game, and doing it without wasting a turn can be the decisive point between victory and defeat. It also sets a nice combo when used with Liu Su, so use it and abuse it.

2 – Liben

It’s literally impossible to dislike Liben. The man gives us easy Primogems during his event along with lots of valuable resources still manages to have one of the best cards in the game. For no cost, it collects unused Energy at the end of the turn and after getting at least three, it turns them into two extra cards + 2 Omni dice. Lots of power almost for free, just like in the game.

1 – Strategize

Have you ever heard of Pot of Greed or what it does? This is (almost) Genshin’s version of it. Drawing power is valuable in basically every TCG, and this card gives it to you for such a small cost that it becomes irresistible. If it had no cost like Pot of Greed it would be straight-up broken, but it’s still balanced for now.

Honorable mentions: The Bestest Travel Companion!, Changing Shifts, I Haven’t Lost Yet, Chang The Ninth

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The Best Character Cards in Genius Invokation TCG

Playing with your favorite character in the open world is not enough; get their card version too. These are some of the strongest Characters you can build decks around, but don’t sleep on other cards, as they might surprise you.

5 – Xingqiu

Xingqiu’s swift Hydro applications are just as valuable as they are in regular play. Each of his skills will create summons supporting the rest of his team, making him perfect support for Vaporize decks.

4 – Ganyu

Although costly, her Frostflake Arrows have powerful piercing damage that can be amped through Equipment Cards and reactions. She could tear a team apart with a few lucky rolls, even if some of its members didn’t even have a chance to take the lead.

3 – Keqing

Keqing had her glow up when the Sumeru update hit, and she’s also shining brightly on the TCG. Her skill creates a card that lets her immediately take the lead, and with enough energy, she can unleash a powerful Burst that can end the game at that point. Take it a level further in Aggravate decks.

2 – Kamisato Ayaka

Screenshot by Prima Games

Incredibly powerful in both the game and TCG, Ayaka has it all. Passive elemental infusion, good damage, and access to summons make her a complete DPS unit to play around with. She can be played in Melt and Freeze decks, making her a very flexible card to build a deck around. And there’s no shortage of suitable partners for her, as we’ll see next.

1 – Yoimiya

After being consistently screwed over in banners, the girl can shine in the cards. Yoimiya’s Burst grants easy access to reactions for all of her allies, and she herself can deal quite some elemental damage thanks to her Skill. Most of the successful decks in recent community tournaments had her included, as she’s possibly the strongest card at the moment.

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Honorable mentions: Fischl, Collei, Mona, Fatui Pyro Agent, Chongyun

New cards will be added during each version, as well as buffs and nerfs, and Prima Games will be sure to update this list as it happens.

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