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How to Get New TCG Cards in Genshin Impact

More cards means more power

by Patrick Souza
Genius Invokation TCG

Genius Invokation TCG has over 100 different cards for you to build your deck from. From regular items to Artifact Sets, Weapons, and Talents, there’s a myriad of combinations you can try out when searching for the perfect deck. And getting those can be quite exhausting, too.

With so many cards to get, it can be confusing to know where each one of them can be obtained. This guide will tell you what you’ll need to do if you want to have a full collection of those playable cards. This will involve quite a bit of grinding, so be prepared!

How to Get New Genius Invokation TCG Cards in Genshin Impact

There are two main types of cards you can get for this game, those being Character Cards and Action Cards. They are slightly different from each other in their obtaining methods.

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How to Get Character Cards

Character Cards are the big focus of the game, and having new Characters means you can create new decks. The introduction quest gives you the Fischl card after beating her, and this is basically how you can get the other ones.

You get a Character Card by defeating said character in a match after sending a Match Invitation Letter to them on the Cat’s Tail board right next to the entrance on the left wall. You can send it to Xingqiu if you want his card, for example, and he’ll come to the café to play a match with you. 

Some characters like Cyno will only accept your invitation after you reach a certain Player Level, which can be increased by completing matches around the world and attending Weekly Guest Challenges.

There are also the Monster Character Cards, representing bosses and regular enemies such as the Mirror Maiden or the Oceanid. You can get those by challenging Prince himself in his Tavern Challenges

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How to Get Action Cards

Action Cards serve as a primary way of boosting your Characters during a match. The general cards that can be attached to most characters can be bought from Prince at the Cat’s Tail using Lucky Coins obtained by playing the game.

Character-specific Equipment Cards are also obtained through Invitation Matches by having a flawless victory over your opponent. This means winning in less than 6 rounds and not allowing more than one character to be defeated.

Where to Get Match Invitation Letters

You’ll need this for every new character you invite to the Cat’s Tail. The first one is obtained for free, but you’ll have the earn the others. You get one for each Player Level Up until Level 9, and 4 more are available for buying with Prince. As more characters are introduced, more ways for obtaining them will also be available.

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