The Best Christmas Gifts for PC Gamers this Holiday Season (2023)

A PC gamer's perfect gift.

PC gaming set up.

One of the best parts of PC gaming is the ability to customize most of your experience. While that can make shopping for them difficult, there are still a plethora of great gift options available to buy them.

Holiday Gift Guide for the PC Gamer in Your Life (2023)

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or another holiday, one thing is certain, and that is that finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be quite tricky! If your loved one is a PC gamer, chances are one of the below gifts will be just the thing!

Compact Air Cleaner

Help your loved ones clean their gaming space with a portable, rechargeable compressed air duster. While a can of compressed air cleans keyboards just fine, a rechargeable one is more convenient in the long run. Not only can it be used for a longer time, but you can also use different attachments, enabling a deeper clean.

Check out this electric air duster here for $39.99.

Desk Organizer

It can be easy for a PC player’s desk to get cluttered while playing. From snacks and drinks to headphones and controllers, a lot can end up scattered around. Help the PC gamer in your life keep their place tidy with a desk organizer. You can get ones that go on top of the desk or save more space with ones that go under.

Check out this under the desk cable and headphone organizer with charger. It’s available here for $22.99.

Monitor Light Bar

If your PC gamer loves playing in a dimly lit room, an ambient light that clips onto their monitor will be the perfect gift. These lights improve the lighting on the desk, making it easier to see the keyboard. Many can also be turned and used as a video light during calls. It’s important to note that these devices should only be used for monitors. So, make sure the receiver isn’t using a laptop.

You can find an on-screen monitor here for $39.99.

High-Quality Cup

Time flies while gaming, and if you’re not paying attention, the next sip of your drink can be lukewarm, forcing you to get more ice or heat up your drink. Instead of wasting valuable game time, gift your PC gaming fan a high-quality cup to keep their drinks colder or hotter for longer. For some extra security, get a leak-proof bottle so they don’t have to worry about accidental spills.

Check out this 30 oz tumbler from Stanley here for $40.00.

Desk or Mouse Pad

Mousepads are absolutely necessary to help improve how the mouse works and can provide a comfortable surface to rest. A high-quality mousepad can be an excellent gift for the PC gamer in your life. There are plenty of options so that you can get the perfect one. If they use a wireless mouse, then a mousepad with charging capabilities can be more helpful. You can also opt for a more stylish one with ambient lighting or images of their favorite game.

Check out this RGB extra-large mousepad here for $49.99.

Electronics Gift Card

Another great gift option is a gift card to their favorite electronic store or gaming retailer, like Steam. This can be great if you’re unsure what the PC player in your life needs. If you want to make this a little more interesting, you can put the gift card in a fun puzzle box.

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