The 5 Best Fortnite Pickaxes

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Fortnite has been continually updating its world and characters for six years now and has not stopped adding more pickaxes for players to use and break down the environment. This list will showcase some of the best ones that have been released since launch.

The 5 Best Pickaxes in Fortnite (2023)

Seasons come and go in Fortnite, and a new harvesting pickaxe tool is introduced in the game seemingly every week. However, these five pickaxes have stood the test of time and remain some of the best in the game.

5. Crowbar

The Crowbar was added into the game alongside the High Stakes challenges of Season 5. It was great free item for those that were able to get it, though other gaudy crowbars have been sold in the shop since.

4. Leon’s Combat Knife

Leon’s Combat Knife belongs to Leon Kennedy, a rookie Raccoon City cop who has to rescue the President’s daughter in Resident Evil 4. Introduced in Chapter 4, Season 2, the knife is small and can come with playing as the blonde police officer himself in the game.

3. Reaper

The Reaper may seem like an ordinary scythe, and it really is. It is a normal harvesting weapon with very loose connotations to Death itself. It was introduced in Season 1 and has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the Fortnite OG Season bringing it back.

2. Harley Hitter

The Harley Hitter was added in Chapter 2, Season 2, as part of the Harley Quinn bundle. It featured the version of the titular bad girl herself from the Suicide Squad series with the slugger and a giant mallet, but having a wooden bat in Fortnite is cooler.

1. Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is part of the Oathbreaker set featuring Kratos from the softly rebooted God of War series. It was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 5. While this pickaxe cannot be thrown at enemies and magically return like a boomerang from the PlayStation franchise, it does come with a built-in emote that radiates frost at the blade part.

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