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Tears of the Kingdom: Who to Give Hylian Shrooms To In Hateno Village

Hylian Shrooms are causing me pain.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’ve made it to Hateno Village in Tears of The Kingdom, it’s likely that you’ve also been dragged into the mayoral election between Cece and Reede. You’ll be tasked with giving Hylian Shrooms out to Reede supporters to ensure they vote for Cece instead. How do you tell who to give Hylian Shrooms to, though? We have the answer for you below.

Who to Give Hylian Shrooms To In Hateno Village: Team Cece or Reede Quest

Once you’ve accepted this quest from Cece in Hateno village, you’ll be given eight Hylian Shrooms to pass out. Don’t worry if you’ve used them accidentally; you can always get more from her if you need them.

So, what you’re looking for is people who don’t have the weird Cece branded mushroom. You’ll be looking for farmers mostly, and they are scattered all across Hateno Village. Below we’ve listed a few members who might be hard to track down.

If you need additional hints, you can check back with Cece to get some more clues on the whereabouts of the Reede Supporters. Listed below are all Reede supporters to give the Hylian Shrooms to!

#1: The Old Man Tokk

The old man can be found walking up to the Hateno Research Lab every morning. Sleep at the inn and wait till morning. Then stay on the sloped hills leading up to the lab to find a lonely old man walking, talk to him and give him a Shroom.

#2: The Wanderer Uma

Uma can be found wandering around Hateno by the shops.

#3: The Pasture Workers Dantz and Koyin

On your way towards the lab, you’ll find a cow pasture. Both the owner and man by the docks here can be given Hylian Shrooms.

#4: The Cuckoo Farmer Tamana

The Cuckoo Farmer can be given a mushroom midday. She is located on the west side of town. When entering the village, behind Cece’s shop, look for the house on the left-hand side.

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#5: The InnKeeepers Husband Wortz

The Innkeeper’s Husband can be found on the balcony outside the Inn during the day. Just talk to him and give him a Hylian Shroom.

#6: The Innkeeper’s Father Leop

You’ll find the Innkeeper’s father roaming around the central town of Hateno, talk to him; he looks like a farmer.

#7: The Hylian Tomato Farmer Medda

You can find Medda at the Hylian Tomato fields behind a house on the left side of town.

Those are all eight people you need to give Hylain Shrooms to in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom in order to complete the Team Reede or Cece Questline. For more tips, tricks, and guide stay here at Prima Games. While you’re in town, check out how to change your glider fabric.

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