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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Hylian Armor Set in TOTK

Kick off the adventure with this armor.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hylian Armor TOTK

Every good swordsman needs a decent set of armor, and after leaving the Great Sky Island at the start of Tears of the Kingdom, Link has some of the most basic equipment possible. Luckily the Hylian Armor set is waiting for you in Central Hyrule, and it is one of the best early game armors you can get before the full TOTK adventure begins.

Where to Find the Hylian Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Hylian Armor set can be found in Central Hyrule at the Lookout Landing outpost, which is located directly to the south of Hyrule Castle. Coordinates for this set and Lookout Landing are at (-0219, 0081, 0019). This area is one of the first major POI locations you will encounter after falling from the Great Sky Island. I ran here as soon as I landed and picked up the armor when I had the extra Rupees for it.

When you arrive at Lookout Landing, the Hylian Armor isn’t found like most of the other sets in Tears of the Kingdom. Instead, all three pieces of the set can be purchased from the main vendor on the left side of the outpost. Rupees are the main currency in TOTK, and you will need at least 320 to make the full purchase.

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Because the armor set is one of the easiest to get as the game kicks off, the stats are basic. The Hylian Tunic, Hylian Trousers, and the Hylian Hood are all based on defense. The armor stats aren’t crazy, but 9 defense on each piece is a good starting point, and I definitely made use of the Hylian Armor set before adventuring around the map. Better sets will appear along the way, but for the time being, Lookout Landing is the place for you.

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