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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get Fresh Milk in TotK

He needs some milk.

by Kara Phillips
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Collecting ingredients and cooking is essential in Tears of the Kingdom, especially once you start facing off with some of the enemies you’ll encounter around Hyrule. While the vast majority of ingredients you’ll collect during your adventure can be foraged or found lying around, sometimes you’ll need something with a little more substance to add some bulk to your meals. Perishable ingredients, such as fresh milk, can be incredibly valuable to have around when it comes to preparing for a boss fight, but they aren’t as simple as walking around until you get lucky, so you’ll need to know where to head. 

How to Get Fresh Milk in Tears of the Kingdom

Fresh Milk is described in Tears of the Kingdom as coming from Hateno-Bred cows and goats across Hyrule, so it makes sense to head to Hateno Village to get ahold of one of their finest ingredients. Generally, the Hateno General Store is the best place to find fresh milk alongside a variety of other ingredients for anything you might be cooking up. Each bottle of milk will cost you 12 Rupees, which doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but with the sheer amount of money everything costs in Tears of the Kingdom, it adds up if you’re bulk-buying ingredients for certain meals or even certain quests that require your cooking skills. 

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Fresh Milk can be used for a number of meals in Tears of the Kingdom, and it can be especially important when bulking out things like soups and stews to heal a couple of extra hearts when you need it most. As with most ingredients in the game, you can also consume it on its own if you’re caught in a pinch and need to quickly heal some health. However, each bottle is only capable of healing half a heart, so it’s best to save it for some cooking rather than chugging it on its own.