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Teamfight Tactics New TFT Champions – Lucian, Senna, Amumu

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Teamfight Tactics, then you might be excited to know that the latest League of Legends patch 9.24 is also going to bring some changes to Riot’s hot topic auto-battler. Here’s what we know about the new TFT champions that will be popping off very soon, and to be honest, they’re a cracking pair.

Teamfight Tactics New TFT Champions – Lucian, Senna, Amumu

With all the hype around Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful, it might be easy to forget that Riot’s tenth anniversary celebrations showed off a lot about Lucian and Senna. Patch 9.24 brings them back in a big way, with the introduction of a new class called Soulbound which includes, well, Lucian and Senna.

The Soulbound class deals with paired units, so everyone’s favorite bittersweet, gun-slinging couple were clearly going to be hot contenders here. What happens with Soulbound is pretty simple, so we’ll use Lucian and Senna as an example. If you’ve got them both in your employ and one of them dies, then that character will keep on attacking until the remaining Soulbound champion also perishes at any point during the match. Neat, huh?

The full list of the new TFT champions is as follows:

  • Amumu
  • Lucian
  • Senna

Amumu is going to be an Inferno champion and his trademark Curse of the Sad Mummy is going to stun enemies in a radius around him while he damages them. Lucian will be introduced as a Light champion, while Senna will be Shadow. Lucian’s Culling will now give him four times his regular attack speed on use for four seconds. On the other hand, Senna’s ability will let her shoot through her own teammates. If you’ve got someone on the far side of the map, line up her Piercing Darkness and any units between Senna and that champion will be affected in the following manner – allies will get an on-hit buff, and enemies will take damage. 

Now that you’ve got a bit to go on regarding the new TFT champions, check out some other information about the game that you might find useful:

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