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Teamfight Tactics Guide: TFT Patch 9.16 PBE Changes

by Ginny Woo

Teamfight Tactics has just had its latest patch — Patch 9.15b — hit live servers, which included a bunch of balance changes. Riot has already released information about the next update in line, Patch 9.16, and we know that it’s going to drop next week so check out our handy Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 guide if you want to be prepared. We can expect that this patch will go live on August 14, and the PBE currently has the majority of these changes currently implemented. There’s definitely going to be champions added too, and we’ll cover those off as well. 

Teamfight Tactics Guide: TFT Patch 9.16 PBE Changes

There’s going to be a matchmaking system change with Patch 9.16 when it drops, and this is going to ensure that people are going to avoid being matched against the same people multiple times in a row. On top of that, there’s going to be a general trend towards slowing down the rate of balance changes in TFT as the meta settles. Riot has said that it wants players to feel like they’re being rewarded for their expertise, which is tough to do when the player experience changes almost week to week. On the cosmetic front, there’s going to be two new board varieties as well for players to look forward to trampling their opponents on. 

Teamfight Tactics Guide: TFT Patch 9.16 PBE New Champions


There’s going to be new Hextech champions released with Patch 9.16, and these champions are going to have a new corresponding trait: when combat begins, your allied team will launch and blow up a pulse bomb, disabling enemy items for 8 seconds within ½ hexes.

The Hextech champions that are going to be dropped with Patch 9.16 will be:

Camille – She’ll be a Blademaster class, and her ability will be Hextech Ultimatum. This will let her root and damage the target that she’s currently auto-attacking. Any abilities that can attack that target will swap off other targets that Camille is focused on in favor of that target. 

Jayce – His class is Shapeshifter, and his abilities will be Thundering Blow and Transform Mercury Cannon. This will knock back Jayce’s current target and then swap his stance to ranged, which will give him increased max attack speed for a few attacks. 

Vi – Vi’s class is the Brawler, and her ability is Assault and Battery. She will lock onto the enemy furthest from her and dash to them, knocking aside any targets in the way and dealing damage when she connects with that target. 

Jinx – As expected, Jinx’s class will be the Gunslinger and her signature ability is Get Excited. When she racks up some takedowns, she’ll gain attack speed. After two takedowns, she’ll swap out to her gun, Fishbones, for AoE damage on all auto attacks. 

Teamfight Tactics Guide: TFT Patch 9.16 PBE New Little Legends

There’s going to be three new Little Legends released with Patch 9.16 — the Hushtail, the Paddlemar, and the Protector. As with other Little Legends, these critters will have multiple varieties and we’ve listed them below. 

Moontipped Hushtail

  • Mistberry Hushtail
  • Fae Hushtail
  • Untamed Hushtail
  • Monarch Hushtail
  • Eternal Hushtail

Jade Paddlemar

  • Rosebloom Paddlemar
  • Tidepool Paddlemar
  • Glamorous Paddlemar
  • Caldera Paddlemar
  • Yuletide Paddlemar

Jeweled Protector

  • Shadowgem Protector
  • Reigning Protector
  • Skygem Protector
  • Fierce Protector
  • Sunborn Protector

Those are all the changes that are on the horizon for Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16, and we’re definitely very excited for these new Little Legends and to see how the Hextech champions fit into the growing meta. If you’re someone who’s still wanting to get caught up to the current state of things on the live servers for TFT, our Patch 9.15b guide will ensure that you’ve got all the information that you need to go forward.


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