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Team Deathmatch Game Mode Tips for Battlefield Hardline

by Prima Games Staff

Team Deathmatch is a classic game mode in almost any shooter, and the Battlefield franchise is no different. For Battlefield Hardline, it’s not really so much about the intense squad-based objective play as it is a mode that can help you grind out some assignments or improve your skills.

This game mode might not be for everyone, but Battlefield Hardline has a lot more to offer in that regard. If you want vehicles, hop into the fast-paced Hotwire for some big points. If you’re looking for that intense cops versus criminals feel, Heist is definitely the way to go. If your squad is full and looking for the ultimate team based game, Rescue might be the hidden gem you and your pals crave.

How to Win at Team Deathmatch

Most people already know the point of Team Deathmatch – Kill more opposition players. What people seem to forget, however, is that it’s not just a matter of how many kills you can get, it’s also about your kill-to-death ratio. You can kill 70 opposing players, but if you die 85 times, you’re a solid -15 on the game, and that hurts your team.

Whether you’re a 50 kill player or a 10 kill player, make sure you are playing a responsible game and not giving up unnecessary deaths. This might mean holding back a bit and not getting caught in the middle of the map, but if you value your kill-to-death ratio (and the victory), sometimes the middle of the map is the worst place you can go.

Team Deathmatch ends when one team reaches the maximum amount of kills, or when time runs out and the team with the most kills wins.

How to Play Team Deathmatch

As much as we value team play, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we treat Team Deathmatch as an assignment grinding mode. With Battlefield Hardline, some assignments take up to 1,250 kills with a specific weapon, and other game modes just don’t cut it. Quite literally, that’s about 20 hours of play with the same weapon.

For example, if you need to get 1,250 kills with your submachine gun, hop into Team Deathmatch and forget your kill-to-death ratio. Just put yourself in the middle of the action and shoot everything that moves. This accomplishes two (possibly three) goals.

First of all, you get the kills you wanted, but secondly, you are going to become a better player. Not a better objective-based player, but better with the gun play, a skill that you can take to slower modes and use to destroy your opponents. The third (possible) benefit is that you get so good you actually start to help your team win at Team Deathmatch, despite your reckless play style.

Assignment Grinding in Team Deathmatch

Maybe you need to get a bunch of Camera assists, or a few Ammo Box coins in order to knock off part of an assignment. Well, this is the best mode for that, as there are up to 32 team members that you can interact with. Unless it involves repairs or destroying vehicles, this mode is King when it comes to getting what you need unlocked. As much as we want you to PTFO, there are other modes for that, so if you plan to be a selfish player, this is the mode you should be in when you’re doing that.

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