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The Surge – How to Upgrade Gear and Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

As you complete areas within The Surge, you’re bound to come across more and more powerful enemies. While there are various sets of armors and plenty of weapons to choose from, some users may choose to stick with one particular set of gear for most of their playthrough. If you choose to do this, you’ll want to upgrade its power to give you more benefits and better stats. In this article we’ll teach you everything that you need to know about how to upgrade armor and weapons in The Surge.

How to Upgrade Gear and Weapons

Upgrading your gear is a slow process in The Surge. Not only will it require plenty of Tech Scrap, but you’ll also have to collect and hoard various types of materials if you want to be able to upgrade your gear all the way. Some of these items will require you to reach specific points in the game, but others can be found right from the start.

Before we dive too deeply into the upgrade system, make sure you take a look at our guide on how to farm for crafting materials. You’ll want a deep understanding of how the farming system works, as it plays a vital role in upgrade your equipment and weapons.

To start upgrading your gear, head to the OPS Center and visit the Gear Assembly. This is the machine to the left of the MedBay chair. This machine is used to craft new items, as well as to upgrade existing pieces of gear and weapons. Once in the Gear Assembly, find the item that you want to upgrade and highlight it.

The right side of the screen will showcase the various items you’ll need to upgrade the item, as well as which upgrade this is. Each weapon and piece of gear has a total of four upgrades that you can complete before it is fully leveled. To upgrade items you’ll need to have the appropriate amount of Tech Scrap, as well as the appropriate amount of crafting materials. The higher the upgrade level, the higher tier the material will need to be.

While looking at the upgrades you can use the right-joystick or the Q and E keys to change the upgrade level. It should also be noted that you do not have to upgrade something to Mark II (the second tier) before upgrading it to Mark III, in fact, you can skip Marks (or tiers) entirely—so long as you have the necessary materials to complete the upgrade.

That’s really all that you need to know about the upgrade system. You can upgrade both your weapons and your Rig’s Gear, so be sure to check out which items you need to upgrade or craft by visiting the Gear Assembly. You should also checkout our guide on how to get new Schematics, that way you can start crafting the best Gear in the game.

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