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The Surge – Defeat Big Sister 1/3 Boss

by Josh Hawkins

After exploring the Resolve Bio Labs, and then returning to Central Production B, players gain access to a near area within the second level of The Surge. It won’t take them long to reach the third boss, Big Sister, who is by far the most challenging boss thus far. This article will walk you through the Big Sister 1/3 boss fight in The Surge, show you the best way to defeat Big Sister, and teach you everything you need to know to survive the fight and make it out alive.

It should be noted that this fight does require a good deal of patience, so try not to rush in and make any silly mistakes.

How to Defeat Big Sister

Big Sister is a giant robot that is part of the assembly line in Central Production B. She has three main phases, which all rely upon dodging and speed to stay alive. We’d suggest bringing plenty of power and health injections to this fight, as Big Sister does hit hard when she attacks you. We’ve broken down our guide into three parts. Each part covers the main three phases of the boss fight, so be sure to follow each one to get an idea of how this fight will go down.

Phase 1

The first phase of this boss fight requires players to avoid two large arm clamps that Big Sister uses to try to smash or grab the player. The key to this phase is to dodge the clamps when they smash or try to grab you, and then attack them before Big Sister can pull them back. The clamps attack one after the other, so be sure to switch to the other clamp as the one you just attacked retracts. Rinse and repeat this process until both clamps are destroyed.

Phase 2

The second phase of this boss battle involved two platforms which are brought together, just in front of Big Sister. There are several electrified arms around this area, and each one holds a blade that it will try to use to stab you. Avoid the attacks, and focus on one side of the platforms. Destroy the small arm closest to you, and another will slide into place. Destroy this one, and then one all arms on one side are destroyed, move on to the other side. Take out all of the arms to clear the platform to Big Sister. At this point the platforms become electrified, forcing you to move up closer to the massive robotic boss.

Phase 3

The third and final phase of the fight puts you face to face with the monstrosity that is Big Sister. Here you’ll face the main body of the boss, and you’ll have to avoid several arms around her head, which she uses to try to grab you and attack you. The best tactic in this phase is to stick close to the boss, and avoid her attacks with dodges. When you have a chance, jump in and strike at the boss, slowly wittling away at her health.

The fight will not be pretty, and it may take you a while. We’d also suggest having brought a good deal of health injectors, as you’ll most likely need to heal quite often during this fight. Don’t worry if you die, just retry the fight until you manage to drain all of Big Sister’s health and end her reign in Central Production B once and for all.

Killing Big Sister will reward you with the Spitfire Rodv2.0, which is an extremely fast-attacking Staff that causes fire damage to enemies you hit. Now that you know how to defeat this boss, be sure to head back over to our The Surge guide for more helpful articles like how to farm for crafting materials, and how to upgrade gear and weapons.

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